My BridgitS are here, yes that's plural

  1. I ordered both the black and walnut because I couldn't decide. guess what, I still can't decide!!!! The bag is wonderful and beautiful and special! Did I say it was beautiful? First off, everything I need to carry in it fits, I haven't put sunglasses in yet, but I will find a pair that fits. So far I have in it: kleenex, checkbook, mini skinny, wristlet, bberry, train ticket, work ids. I don't always need my checkbook and I think if I take that out, sunglasses will fit fine. I also have room for pens and a lipstick of choice! I put the bag on my shoulder and left them unzipped, but put secured the flap over. I could easily undo the flap and reach what I needed with the bag still on my shoulder. Now, I plan on carrying this bag as my 'running around' bag. I will carry it on the weekends with the kids, as well as any other errands, etc. I live in a 4 season climate and my winter coats are black, chocolate, medium blue (jcrew doublecloth for those familiar). I also have a shades of blue Columbia one. I wear a jean jacket a lot in the spring, and my spring coat is also a royaly shade of blue (can you tell blue is my favorite color - LOL) so, which color do I keep?????? there have been many pictures of the black, so the modeling and solo pic are both of the walnut. Sorry for the crappy pic, but I'm at work and only have my bberry cam with me. For reference I'm 5'10"
    bridges.jpg bridgmodelling.jpg bridgwalnut.jpg
  2. Wow that's tough! I think the black looks a little nicer (more elegant) but it sounds like to me that that walnut one might be a better choice for you. Good luck deciding!
  3. With the way you described your wardrobe and lifestyle, the walnut would probably be an overall more appropriate choice for maximized use. The black is of course gorgeous too, but if you already have a nice little black bag, I'd keep the walnut one!
  4. I love the straps on the purses. Congrats on your new purchases.
  5. I like the Walnut-- but the black is great too?
  6. congrats on ur purchase! i really really like the black..i feel that the walnut just doesn't do anything for the bag...but that's my opinion plus i haven't seen it in person...but whatever u decide, it is a gorgeous bag!
  7. This bag looks better in the black color in my opinion. Get the one
    which you like the best! Good luck deciding. Congrats on your awesome bag!
  8. Wow, hard decision!! I sure love the size of the bag. PERFECT for me. I may have to consider it at one point. LOL!
  9. I like the black better, as well, but that goes without saying. :p If it matters to you, I think the black is more durable in that it hides scratches and other marks. If the walnut is similar to whiskey it will definitely show wear as you use it more; the black will not. Either way you can't go wrong and it looks great on you!!
  10. I love the Walnut, plus, brown goes so well with blue. I think that's what I'd choose!

    I love when you post, because I can stare at Gary Allan in your avatar LMAO!
  11. LOL, isn't he something? mmmm:sweatdrop::love:
  12. WALNUT! I love that color! Wow! I keep wanting this darn bag. Perhaps if my large Carly doesn't work out but I'd have to seriously evaluate if this bag will work for me or not. It's sure lovely!
  13. LOL. I'm glad you posted that the modeling pic was at work. I was looking at it trying to figure out why your home bathroom looked like it had rooms leading off it (stalls)!

    Very pretty. I agree that the black is the most versatile and hides the scratches and scuffs better.
  14. Personally, I prefer the black. I just seeems to suit the style of the bag better. And its REALLY tempting me to place an order:yes:
  15. I really like both! I' m tempted to place an order because of your pics. would you happen to know the style number? TIA