My Bridgit is here!!!

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  1. But will probably be going back! I think the purse is very nice but I don't think I can justify such a small purse for so much money right now (paid full price).. I would only be able to wear it out or on the rare occasion that I go somewhere alone without the kids. It really is a beautiful purse. It has lots of great details and I love the inside and the strap. I don't think it is very heavy and I think I could fit quite a lot in there! I also think it looks pretty good on me, and has a nice drop length, very comfy to wear!

    I'm uploading the pics right now :yes:
  2. Pics????!!!!!!!
  3. NEED PICS! :yes:
  4. my new camera take forever to load the pics!! Sorry !
  5. :popcorn:
  6. 1st one
  7. :popcorn:
  8. ok here they are!! :smile:
    IMG_0326.JPG IMG_0327.JPG IMG_0328.JPG IMG_0329.JPG IMG_0330.JPG
  9. :search:

    Ok. I see it now. Niiiiiiice. :okay:
  10. :popcorn:
  11. and modeling pics.. 1st one is right when I got it.. still in my jammies.. and then when I was dressed later... :lol:
    IMG_0331.JPG IMG_0342.JPG
  12. It is a pretty bag but I am not sure I could get all my stuff in it. How about a modeling pic?

  13. My DH said 'damn that's a hardcore purse, even the zipper has a turnlock!!!!'
  14. hhmmm I am not feeling it but I have to say I have not seen a bag yet that doesn't look great on you! :tup:
  15. Tara you look beautiful modeling that bag.