My Bridgit In Rose Just Arrived Looks Like It And Bordeaux Miranda Are Heading Back

  1. Fed Ex Just Dropped Off My Bridgit Bag. It Very Pretty, Just Too Small For My Taste. I Think Its Heading Back Along With My Bordeaux Miranda Since Ijust Got It I The New Blue.
  2. Awww, sorry about Bridgit but I'm glad you got the blue Miranda, it is gorgeous imho!
  3. Any pics before you send them back?
  4. yes i'll post pics in just a minute.
  5. ya pics please!!!
  6. Can't wait for pics, sorry it didn't work out but the Miranda in blue is GORGEOUS!
  7. Awww thats a bummer that it is just too small for you, but the blue miranda you got is TDF!
  8. Heres My Bordeaux Miranda Bag With The Matching Vintage Leather Wristlet,and Tattersal Ponytail Scarf. Also My Bridgit Bag In Rose Unwrapped.
    Jan23_0002.jpg Jan05_0003.jpg
  9. Gorgeous!! What's the style # on the Bridgit?
  10. Wow, I love the wristlet that matches Miranda...are you keeping that one and the scarf?

    The Rose is TDF.. really love that shade of pink.. :love:
  11. I would sooo love the Bridgit in Rose and Metallic Silver!!
  12. The Style Number For The Bridgit Is 11622. Im Keeping The Scarf The Wristlet Im Undecided.
  13. I have the wristlet in black and I absolutely love it! It holds a ton of stuff and you can convert the strap 2 ways. Keep it, keep it!!!
  14. I love the Bridgit but I love small bags. It just doesn't seem "rose" to me even on different pictures I've seen. It has coral in it which I'm not too fond of.
  15. Is the rose more pink or tangerine? It's looks pink in your picture???