my breathtaking new RH violet city-

  1. Seeing all the pictures of the violet bags I knew I had to have one...

    My violet RH city from BalNY came yesterday in the mail. The color took my breath away when I opened the box.:yahoo: She is sooo pretty - the leather is TDF!!! perfectly even and very thick. I love this color sooo much....
    DSCF5232 (Small).JPG DSCF5234 (Small).JPG DSCF5240 (Small).JPG
  2. i know what you mean about the color i just got my twiggy today and it is amazing!! and the pictures don't even capture how gorgeous it is in real life. congrats on your new bag!! :yahoo:
  3. I have been dying to see one of these. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new baby.
  4. Your Violet City is BEAUTIFUL! I saw a Violet City today and your leather is much better! ENJOY!
  5. Gorgeous!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!! I want my twiggy now LOL
  6. wow it looks amazing!!
  7. Gorgeous color, congrats!
  8. stunning!!
  9. WOW!!!:tup: Congratulations! It's gorgeous and the leather is TDF. Thank you sooooo much for posting the pic...I've been dying to see one. I'm anxiously awaiting my violet city.
  10. Lovely bag !!
  11. another stunning violet! CONGRATS!
  12. ur violet city is gorgeous!! congrats!! violet is one of my fave bags now!!
  13. GORGEOUS!!!:love: Congrats, Fitzy!:yahoo:
  14. Your violet city is amazing! It's true that photos don't capture the vibrancy of the color IRL. You have to really see this color in person!
  15. All these violet pics/ threads is making me crave for mine !!

    Congrats on a beauty !!