My Bra's confuse me.

  1. ok so i'm a bigger lady and my bra's are sizes 38DD-42DD, depending on which bra it is....

    Layne bryant i loveth you.

    ANYWAY... i don't live even REMOTELY close to a Layne Bryant, nearest one is about an hour away. last time i went i bought a few bra's, but instead of going with my gut instinct, and buying what i always buy (38DD in the normal shape i always get) i bought something different. i let some chick who had NO effing clue aparnetly, size me and choose bra's that would be good for my "shape" or whatever.

    so i am stupid, and i don't try them on (i was with my gayman and really big really fat really ugly drag queens came in so we wanted to leave LOL)

    these bra's run between 28 and 34 dollars each... ew what a price. they were adorable. i got home and tried them on and the SHAPE, which is like, padded but not... i don't know, just SHAPED differently then normal. (if i had a freakin Digital camera right now i'd show ya but i let it go back to it's owner ;) )

    so these new shaped bras make me look like Captain Super-Cleavage. boo. i never wore them... EVER.

    all the other bra's i have besides 2 (and i can't just wear 2 bras all the time) are old and loose. they don't support enough to make me comfy.

    i was goofin around with my roommate last night (gayman) before we went on a walk. i was struttin around in an old black bra that was pretty unsupportive (how embarassing @ 22 lol) and my roommate was like why don't you try that other kind of bra on again? (the padded but not kinda wierd structured one) i refused, saying it was a waste and wouldn't fit right. i jokingly grabbed the bra and started putting it on right over the older bra. i strapped it up and pulled it on right over the old one, and it was like i just put the best bra in america on my body. AND it looks cute and layered. how odd.

    i ended up walking to my friends house and back in these bras and i acctually felt supported. i'm rockin them today and i feel like my back feels more supported...

    i know this is kinda random but man o man i am wearing 2 bra's and loving it right now.... i felt like i really should tell someone, and who else to tell other than purse loving lovely ladies???
    :love: u all :love:

    i'm rockin the layered look and it's kinda shmexy...

    lol... any thoughts?​
  2. Oooh which bra is it??

    I have a larger chest myself and am always looking for awesome bras!
  3. lol--whatever works!
  4. I have a large chest too (34DDD). I usually find a great selection at Nordstrom. Wacoal bras are supportive and last a long time. I sometimes find them at Nordstrom rack for $20.

    They have other bras like Chantal, and Felina that come in a lot of sizes. Felina is not the greatest for support but are sexy.

    In general the bras they sell seem to last a lot longer than Victoria Secret, Madinform, Bali, etc.

    Macys and NM also sell Wacoal bras.
  5. well when my stuff comes out of the wash i'll look and see if there's a style name on it, but the fact of the matter is i'm wearing 2 bra's!!! just kinda makes me feel goofy LOL... but SUPPORTED and goofy ;)
  6. Lane Bryant does a good job of sizing people--I was totally wearing the wrong size--wearing 38 DD instead of 38G--no, I am not kidding--it sounds freak-show big, but it really isn't--just big boobs, I guess--the funny thing is that when she was fitting me, the girl was like--wow, you are so petite around the band and in size in general--but here's your G cup bra!!! Hubby just laughs at me, but the bras I have bought in that size are fantastic--and fit perfectly.
  7. well the chick that did it for me SO obviously had NO idea what she was doing... and gayman agrees with me! lol! all the bra's i bought are too big and they were 42DD and 40DD... the only bra's that fit me and support me are 38DD, everything else fits ridiculous... it might be DDD but the measurment around is DEFINATELY smaller than she suggested, which wasted 75 dollars for me... 3 bra's in the wrong size. i smartly bought one bra that was the size i figured i should have, the rest were what she suggested. only one bra from that shopping adventure fits :crybaby:
  8. lane bryants bras are WAY hit or miss for me. they're the only ones i can wear with any level of support (if i wear anything in a department store, it's like i'm wearing nothing. :push:smile:

    (i currently only have two that work well on me...their balconette is fab and their new convertible strapless is a godsend. the girls need help staying perky!)

    personally, it would drive me batty to wear two bras. it's a pita enough to wear one. but if it's comfy and supportive, awesome! but i'm wondering what is different with 2 bras that is so much better? is it full coverage and doesn't allow for, eh, jiggling? lol. :p
  9. the more structured bra doesn't cover enough of the tatas! lol! having the older black bra underneath holds in the part that would give you the "double boob" effect... if ya know what i mean. i need a camera so i can just show you all... ew lol omg!

    what an embarassing topic lol.
  10. oh, i know exactly what you're talking about!

    full coverage gives no cleavage (dangit, i'm 22, i want to show what i have!) and anything else pretty much exposes, well, everything.
  11. the combination of the 2 gives me fabulous cleavage, fabulous coverage, and is COMFORTABLE. how do u like that?

    AND it looks snazzy cuz it's 2 colors ;) layerd and sexy for the big girl hehe
  12. sounds like a perfect combo.

    only time i've layered is with sports bras. me+ the girls in a flimsy bra+ running=bad times.

    i say it's fab that you found something you like. did you ever say which bras you layered?