my brandnew Blue Glacier Giant Hardware Weekender but i'm not inlove

  1. Nice bag Beautiful leather but i'm not inlove :sad:

    i feel that this bag look huge on me ,i'm 5'3" :sweatdrop:

    what do you think?:sad:

  2. Your pictures aren't showing up... :shrugs:

    I'm four inches shorter than you are, and I think even the Work is too big for me, so I know a Weekender would be absurd. Can you return the bag? You shouldn't keep it if you really feel it's too big - maybe you should try to find a GH Work or City instead? Blue Glacier is such a gorgeous colour, you should be able to find something you LOVE in it.
  3. aw i can't see the pics either, but i agree a weekender is indeed HUGE.
  4. I love BG with GGH - it's one of my favorite combinations, but yes, a weekender is huge. I'm 5'4" and I'm hesitant about a work, let alone a weekender. If you feel it's too big, I'd return it for something more manageable and that you love!
  5. Yes it is large, but isn't it used for traveling?
    Are you trying to use for everyday?
  6. Have you looked thru the photos carrying your bbags section? It might help to see how much smaller they look when they're broken in.
  7. i have some pictures .
    i got a bag about 2 weeks but don't brave enough to use this bag :sad:

  8. i don't know why a picture don't show up :'(
  9. i can't see the pictures either, but I think that if you feel uncomfortable using it, return it if you shouldn't keep something that you don't think you'll be able to use :smile: I'm sure it's beautiful though!

  10. Go advanced.
    click on the paperclip icon at the top of window and download your photos.
  11. hope its work ...
    131.JPG 133.JPG 137.JPG 130.JPG
  12. i often carry a lot and i have RH weekender that i love and don't feel that its huge at all but with GH i feel its huge :'(
  13. it's a big value bag, so i think that if your not in love with it, you should return it and have something oyou'll really love and you'll fell good on going out with

  14. I think it looks nice!!
    Again, not for an everyday bag, but for your "carryon".
    What color luggage do you have to go w/ it???
  15. AwwWW.. its a pretty color.. it does look a tad large. Maybe you can keep it as a bag you take on trips for traveling or overnighters. :yes: