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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I just recently posted that I purchased a beautiful new Emilio Pucci bag. One of responses said that they loved Pucci bags but are wary of the uncoated canvas. The bag I purchased is canvas and leather. Should I be concerned??? I live in Boston and get alot of snow and rain. I paid alot I dont want to own a bag that will be ruined. HELP Anyone who owns a pucci bag or knows about them please give feed back???

  2. The Pucci bag I have is leather and tweed (see pic), so I'm not sure about the canvas. I do notice that the leather is very soft and scratches easily. Maybe you could use some kind of scotchguard or other protectant for the canvas?

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  3. Jaffa,

    Gorgeous bag where did you buy it? how much? If you don't mind me asking.
  4. Hello,:suspiciou

    I recently purchased an Emilio Pucci bag and now im second guessing my self. Its Canvas with leather trim sorry no pic of it yet. Its pale pink ,chocolate brown,cream and black in his signature pattern. I thought it was beautiful. Now im looking at it thinking was it a mistake. How do all of you like pucci stuff? Are any of you a Pucci fan? Feedback please!
  5. I can't recall which Pucci you bought so hopefully you can find a picture soon. I always like Pucci because I'm drawn towards their funky colors but I just never have the guts to take a plunge at them because they can be very funky sometimes. I also like Etro too and I think they're crazier than Pucci.

    If you're already having 2nd thoughs on that bag then you should give it up and get something else. For the price you paid for that Pucci, it should be something you'll LOVE each time you see it. Otherwise it's just not worth it unless you got in on a very good deal. That's just my 2 cents.
  6. I've only seen a few, so I'm no expert....this being said, I must admit that I haven't been taken in by Puccit:unsure:

  7. Do you have a picture or link?
  8. Hello,

    I purchased this retro camel signature soft duffle. Coach bag I also purchased the matching wristlet which you can only get through the coach store online by calling them. I would love to know what you all thought of this bag???

  9. I like it especially in that color.
  10. I have that bag and the wristlet in the chcolate brown and I LOVE them.

  11. I just bought this bag on Tuesday. It is my newest bag and my first Emilio Pucci!!!!:love: Here is a pic Pucci bag. The one I purchased is a little diffrent it just has leather all across the top and on the handles.But same design and colors.This is also my first day on this sight and I love it. Where else do you get to share your love of handbags. I would really love some feed back on my new bag the colors, pattern??? What do you think?? Would it make a nice spring bag??

  12. Pucci bags always make me smile. The patterns are just so bright and happy. It's darling, and nice for spring!
  13. Adorable, I bet it shows your personality, bright and fun!
  14.'s a great bag and it does make you screams Spring. Congrats!!!! I'm going to check out NM's site right now.....oh oh!!!
  15. I love, love, love it!!! Great choice... think it would do great with jeans and t-shirt as well as dressier spring/summer dresses.
    I bought a Pucci wallet on sale at Barneys and think maybe i need the bag now :wacko: . Is the bag leather or fabric??
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