my brand new vert d'eau darling has arrived!

  1. i am so mesmerized by her beauty! i'm so happy!!!!!!!!! i'm in love with her!!!!!!!!!!! soo smooshy and just the right amount of shine!! she sparkles like no other!! :yahoo::wlae::drool: heres some photos!! :heart:
  2. oooo Lovely. It looks so nice:smile:
  3. Wouie That bag looks great.
    What a nice looking colour I think this is going to be an

    EVERGREEN lol.

    Congrats with this new baby

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. thank you!! she definitely is!!! she's even prettier in real life!! :smile:
  5. GORGEOUS!!! Talk about a perfect spring/summer bag! Enjoy you lucky-lucky girl!
  6. yes definitely!! hehe, thanks so much!
    i am almost afraid to use her.. she's so pretty! i am going to have to invest in some appleguard perhaps to keep her looking lovely!
  7. Congrats!! Love the color!
  8. sooo pretty. congrats!
  9. wonderful Spring color!!
  10. I love it! I just got the city too! Is yours a work or city? It is gorgeous!
  11. yay! mine is a city! i forgot to specify. i got a little carried away with excitement! i am sure the work is just as nice! i really am loving this bag!

    thanks everyone. :smile:
  12. GORGEOUS! It's such a pretty colour for spring/summer and it looks so good on you. Congrats:yahoo: !
  13. Of course I love it! It's a beautiful color and a great bag. Congrats!
  14. She's lovely! Congrats!
  15. Congrats :yahoo: i like that color too.:yes: