My Brand New Uggs Fit Weird!

  1. I got a brand new pair of classic tall grey Uggs today for my birthday and they fit extremely weird. They are extremely tight! I know that they have to be tight and snug in the beginning, but my chocolate brown ones weren't like that. I think I should take them back and ask for a different pair, but I'm not entirely sure what to do.
  2. When I first got my Uggs they were pretty snug, I was going to exchange them but the SA at Nordstrom told me that they would stretch, and they did. Are they unbearably tight, to the point of pain? If you think so, then maybe going a half size up would fix the problem.

    Hope that Helps!
  3. Mine were so tight on my larger foot that my toes felt like they might go numb. I wore them with socks around the house for a day and they are loose-ish now. For reference I wear an 8 or 8.5 normally, and I have the size 7's. With socks they fit pretty perfect. Barefoot they are big.
  4. They get lose! I have a pair that is now almost too lose for me! but what i've realized is over the summer, when i didn't wear them, they got tighter. lol =)
  5. Thanks everyone! I was just wondering because I have a pair of classic tall chocolates and they weren't nearly as tight in the beginning. I don't wear them with socks either, and last night I had trouble getting them on. I almost couldn't! That was embarrassing since I was like, "Yay!!! Uggs!!!! I love them so much! They are the best shoe EVER!!" And then I couldn't get them on!
  6. Wow, that sounds really tight! You know, I ended up getting chestnut uggs because the pair of size 7 chocolates I tried on were huge. They had very little "fluff" inside. So i bought the chestnuts, then when my grey ones came they were "fluffy" inside like the chestnuts. I wonder if your chocolates were like the ones I originally tried on? I will say my chestnuts fit now almost like those chocolates did in the store, I guess because the "fluff" has worn down.
  7. It sounds almost as if it's defective being that it was in your proper size and all. The rule of thumb is that you shouldn't have the to the point where you can't get them on or if they are way beyond snug b/c an SA told me that she had people coming back to the store w/a hole in the front of their boot b/c they didn't listen to the SA advice to not go w/too snug:nogood:, their big toe basically tore through the sheepskin and that's not surprising b/c sheepskin is a delicate material.
  8. Yea that sounds weird! My tall chocolate's aren't tight- they are snug but not like difficult to get on. I would exchange b/c that doesnt sound right to me.
  9. That's not right. They should be snug but not so tight you can't get them on. I'd definitely exchange them for another pair.
  10. Thanks! I'm going to Nordstrom later today. I'm going to return the ones I got and try on a different pair. Hopefully, they will still have some! I think they are cut wrong. Yesterday I tried them on early in the day and I still couldn't get them on right. I didn't know that you could actually tear holes in them!! Now they're definitely going back for a different pair.
  11. So, I went to Nordstrom today and they let me try on a different pair and they fit fine. I returned the others and got the ones I tried on. Thanks sooo much for the help everyone!!!
  12. Glad to hear you were able to get another pair instead! :tup:
  13. ^ Thanks! I LOVE them! They are soooo cute. I had to spray them with the Ugg rain spray, so I can't wear them until Wednesday. But, that's ok. I put them on my kitchen counter so that I can admire them when I'm walking around the house.
  14. Hey, L-U-V,
    Did you end up getting the same size again and it fit differently? I just received my new pair of chocolate classic talls in the mail today. I already own a pair of classic shorts I got 4 months ago. I bought the same size, a 7, and they are much looser than I remember my other pair being in the beginning. My heel is slipping up each time I take a step! I'm wondering if I should return and buy another 7 or if I should go down a whole size to a 6. Also, the lining is different than my other pair's lining....more soft and fuzzy. got them both from Not sure what I should do, but the more I walk around trying to test it out, the more compressed the interior is getting and I'm afraid they're not going to let me return them!
  15. they should be snug at first, but not to the point where they're hard to put on. if they are difficult to get on, then you may wanna consider getting a bigger size.