My Brand New Roy Bucket in Small Black

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  1. I know this didn’t seem to be a favorite of anyone around here, but I love it! Got a brand new one, I just unwrapped it! I think it’s fabulous! Plan on using it as an everyday bag! Perfect for country living!
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  2. image.jpg
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  3. I have this bag in plum :tup:
    Got it on sale about 1/2 off back in April.
    I haven’t used it yet... Waiting for fall.
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  4. I just used this for the first time! I love it! I even ordered the Chloe scarf strap to wear with it, think I’ll take the scarf off and just use the leather strap! Afraid the cloth one will get dirty over time with use!
    Would love to see a pic of yours!
  5. I will post one later tonight after work :smile: it’s a great bag!
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  6. How pretty! I like it in black! Looks much nicer in your photo than what I thought it would "irl" from the stock photos I have seen online! Could you please post a modshot? :biggrin:
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  7. Such a beauty! Enjoy!
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  8. I’ll see
  9. Here’s my plum one with mod shots... excuse the dusty mirror... it’s a dust magnet. Off to clean it - again!

    EDA08492-C950-45BE-9B80-D6AF82C78AFF.jpeg 277C47C3-9CEE-4ADE-B75D-B12ECB0B3E5F.jpeg A1D163DC-DB5B-4045-908D-7105D09119DB.jpeg 224B60ED-7C40-4687-A3A2-4C51893F87CC.jpeg BC4EBEBC-9F1D-424A-AA8A-E75518285AF5.jpeg 90EBEC30-BFEA-4EDC-B33D-2C61B768E594.jpeg
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  10. Thank you! It’s the small. I’m just short - 5’2” :smile:
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  11. It looks perfect for you! Such a great bag!
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  12. Really pretty. I much prefer the leather to the horse print. Congrats
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