My brand NEW Rolex!!!!

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  1. I am on cloud NINE!!!! First of all I have to thank Japster for all of her help! I am the biggest impluse shopper known to all of mankind. I was waiting on a deal and was content on buying a good pre-loved one but then BAM!

    I was having a bad day at work:crybaby: and decided to treat myself to some new shoes.:smile: After I purchased my shoes I decided to go to Ostermans' jewelers to get my ring cleaned. I had called them to see if they had Rolex's and the lady on the other end of the phone said...NO so I didn't go there looking for a Rolex.

    So, I give this VERY handsome guy my ring to clean and decided to look around:supacool:, then....BAM! There those babies were. :nuts: I SAID I just wanted to look. The sales assistance came back with my ring and saw me gawking at the Rolex's. I asked him when they got them in? He said, what style? I told him that I had called over the weekend and was told they didn't sell them. He looked PISSED:rant: He asked who I talked to and I told him I didn't get a name.

    Then he asked what style??? I told him DateJust (date optional), Oyster band.
    After a 2 hours game of, "is that the best you can do?" and "I'll see what I can do", this is what I decided on...

    Watch1.jpg Watch2.jpg

    I. LOVE. My. ROLEX.
    :happydance: :party: :drinks:
  2. congrats on ur new watch! i kno you'll enjoy it for years to come!
  3. LOVELY, LOVELY!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  4. Jazz, I love it!!! Very nice choice! Congrats!:yahoo:
  5. Yeah!!! I'm glad you found something you like!
  6. BEAUTIFUL watch! all these lovely new rolexes are making me want my own!!
  7. Congratulations and enjoy!
  8. very pretty, congrats!
  9. Looks beautiful!!!
  10. Niiiice!
  11. It's gorgeous! Wow! This must be Rolex week. I think there are three or four of us that bought a Rolex this week. Congrats to you! Wear it in good health!
  12. It's beautiful enjoy it!!! I know that feeling also..When I bought my rolex....after 1 year I still love mine...Wear it in good health....
  13. I love it!
  14. Thanks everyone!

    I must admit though because now I'm wanting the date....UHG!!!!

    I called Osterman's and they said I have 30 days to exchange as long as it is in NEW condition.

    I have a question for those that have DateJust. Does the date change for the month you are in?

    Also, the face is already so small I fear the date will make it even smaller! LOL

    So which do you prefer?
  15. I love your watch!! =)