My Brand New PS11 !!!

  1. This is a picture from my blog :smile:
    The DHL courier came to my work yesterday with this fantastic beauty.... Maybe you can spot the Chanel PST that I wore this day in the background?;)
  2. ^Gorgeous! :love: Congrats on two great bags!
  3. Beautiful! I'm still absolutely in love with mine. I think you'll be very happy with it. :smile:
  4. Absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic pictures.
  5. Thank you all of you :smile: I absolutely love this bag! And it's even more practical than I thought.

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  6. This PS11 bos has a very unique look, and it is growing on me (not a good thing for me lol)! I would love to see mod pictures, I know there are some floating around here but I don't think any of us would mind seeing more. Pretty please? ;)
  7. i want one too!!! she's a beaut! :biggrin:
  8. Here's two modeling pics for you Kiwishopper ;)
    I'm winterholiday and only have my phone to take pictures with, but I'm planning on more pictures on my blog tomorrow.



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  9. ^ ^ ^ It's beautiful! Such a classic, structured look. Every time I see a photo of someone wearing the PS11, I want it more...
  10. Oh Noramor, I just read your blog and the one in particular about selling your bags and the reason for doing so hit home with me! I am contemplating between getting a PS11 vs. Celine Box Bag vs. Chanel flap next month. My justification for getting the Chanel flap is because my daughter will inherit it one day! But my life is soooo not about partying, and I can't even see myself wearing it to work everyday! (well maybe I can). The Celine box bag is just way too expensive, I will be racked with guilt buying it. The PS11 hits the spot, though - right size, great looking bag, beautiful quality - and with your mod pics, it is just making me lean towards getting that instead of the two others! Congratulations on a great bag!
  11. Thank you so much Anna! - and sorry about my late response :hugs:

    I've just had to take a real good look at myself, my life and which bags fits in there with me. It's good sometimes to do that I think ;)
    I love my PS11 more every day and I can really strongly recommend it :heart:

    Now I'm really excited about what you decide to buy - please please let me know!!
  12. Another picture from my blog :heart:
  13. Thank you Ehemelay,
    - I love this bag!!
  14. Oooh gosh, this has been a hard debate for me. I ended up purchasing a large electric blue Celine box after seeing one pop up online for a good price, it was too hard to pass! It was 1k less than retail! It will be shipped to me next week...I still love, love, love the PS11, especially the saddle color! And now the tote is calling my name, next purchase will have to be the PS11!!
  15. Noramor, I absolutely love your PS11! It is such a chic bag, so elegant! You look so cute in your modeling pics! This bag is def on my wishlist now! Congratulations and enjoy!