My brand new Jimmy Choo

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  1. I bought this today but alas I have to return tomorrow. I bought in haste it's a size 7 and I'm a size 6. Excuse the title as my daughter was not too happy about taking a pic of it.
  2. We have all rushed to purchase Choos at one time or another:nuts:...especially when the price is right.
  3. Are you getting them in your size?
  4. lina girl, these are very sweet!!! Do you think they will have a pair in your size when you return them?
  5. No they don't have my size. It's really frustrating in Hawaii cause majority of the women here are a size 6, 6 1/2 to 7s so these sizes go quickly.
  6. I checked and they did not have my size. I did not show the heels on these but they are gorgeous. Oh well, I returned them today. It was funny, the sales clerk held them in her hand and she kept saying how cute they were, then she put them underneath the counter. Methinks she might buy them for herself. LOL
  7. :graucho: