My brand new hybrid fell apart!


Rocker Chic
Aug 30, 2007
Valrico, FL
I went shopping last week and took my "barely-a-month" old Jumbo Brown Hybrid Flap with me and when I was in the restroom at Saks, I noticed one of the grommets had ripped off the top of the bag! The ruthenium chain was then pushing really hard into the soft leather.

Needless to say I "freaked"! I had to carry the bag as a clutch all day cause I was afraid that the chain would actually rip through the leather. Then I noticed that the stitching was pulling loose inside where the flap is sewn to the bag!

I called my Chanel Boutique and Saks and everyone said I would have to send it in for repair and WAIT 6-8 weeks for it to get back! ARGH!!! I just bought it last month and had only worn it a total of maybe five times!!!

I took it into Saks yesterday and they actually had another brown hybrid there so the SA just changed it out for me. WHEW!

Just wanted to let the other Hybrid owners know about this problem I had. Be sure to check your grommets!

It is a little "disconcerting" to know that a $2500 handbag can fall apart so easily though....:wtf:


Jun 1, 2007
Wow, that's definitely an issue with quality control. At least it worked out well for you and you got to get an exchange. I've heard it takes ages to get bags back from repair.


Jun 12, 2007
:wtf::wtf::wtf: I cannot believe this situation could have ever happened to Chanel!!! There must be some quality problem out there.


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Jul 19, 2007
Sunny Florida
I'm so happy to hear that they exchanged it for you right away. I unfortunately wasn't as lucky. You can read the whole story on my old thread from January:

Chanel Quality Issues and Repairs - Rant relieved that you were able to exchange. I just read the "rant" thread. Boy that busted my bubble.:sad: I thought that the backbone of Chanel was "quality" and personal "customer service." Being somewhat a "newbee" to Chanel....... It does make you wonder why we pay so much for our handbags if this is the case. As I hear there will be another price increase in May. I have a few bags that need a spa day and a new chain. I think I will send one at a time. If I have issues then at least I know that I am not alone:sad:


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Jul 20, 2006
Los Angeles
O wow... glad they were able to get you a new one, MJ -but honestly, you've probably only used it a handful of times, and you likely baby your bags too, so that is REALLY a matter of quality on Chanel's end. Let's hope you just got a "lemon" and the new one won't give you any problems (although for $2500, there shouldn't really be ANY lemons out there!)


Apr 21, 2007
Thats terrible..glad you got another.

Just seems that prices keeps going Up and up and quality is going down down these days.

So disappointing considering the price paid.


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May 17, 2006
Sorry to hear dat, i'm in total shock too and i'm glad that u are able to a new one. It's a shame that chanel keep increasing their prices but their quality is SUCKS. Now i can't imagine to pay a USD3000+ for a jumbo if i can't see the point. Looks like i wuld rather save that $$$ to buy a 35 birkin bag if that is the case.

Such a disappointment.


Jan 7, 2006
750 sorry to hear about your bag. Glad that you had it replaced with a brand new one rather than sent for repairs.

The quality of Chanel bags are highly questionable now. Recently my new metallic black 2.55 jumbo experienced a similar issue. One of the stitches at the back of the bag, which holds the the flaps to the inside of the bag, came off and the leather joints ripped apart revealing the white insides of the bag! Needless to say I was most displeased. Chanel offered to replace a brand new one, as they had another similar one readily available after all that hype about limited quantities, or to give me credit note for 6 months. The Manager and my SA advised that the credit note may be better as there was no guarantee that it would not happen again with the new bag! The bag was all of but 2 weeks old!!! And to think I bought another metallic red 227 at the same time as the black one!!!

I have lost faith in Chanel!