My Brand New EB RH CITY!!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I'm in looove :love: with my brand new baby! I literally just signed for her 5 min ago and just took her out of the box and took a picture! Swoon! If anybody has any hesitation about this color--don't! It's gorgeous!

    Thanks to karenab for her post about the more saturated EB Cities!

    The picture is with flash under florescent lighting, it's a bit deeper IRL, more cobalt, but just as electric!

  2. gorgeous!! congrats, post modeling pictures please:smile:
  3. Just Beautiful! I love her.....modeling pics please :yes:
  4. gorgeous! all these electric blue gorgeous pictures are seriously making me reconsider my ban...
  5. That's such an awesome color!!!!!! I want a Twiggy in that color!
  6. I have one of those coming my way!!! :love:
  7. such a beauty - congrats!
  8. That color is outstanding! So vibrant and fun!
  9. Wow CONGRATSSS dukechickie!!!!!!!!!
    Your avatar shows all your joy! :biggrin:...:woohoo:
    yes,now for modeling pics...:popcorn:...:drinks:
  10. Gorgeous!! The color on your bag is so perfectly saturated!!
  11. pluiee, kristie, ilikepenguins, Alaska, ohuprettything, Carmen82, Antubella & CoutureObsessed-- thank you for all your kind words about my beautiful blue baby!

    ilikepenguins- i think you should totally reconsider your ban! not that i'm enabling you or anything... :p

    Contessa- I was debating going for a twiggy too! Please post pics when you get yours--I'm sure it'll be drop dead gorgeous!

    And now here are some more pics... My mirror is a disaster and the lighting in my room stinks so I did some color correction just to more accurately capture the color (the original pics had the EB looking like a washed out dusty blue...) And contrary to what the dress may indicate, I am not preggers! :shame:



    Ahhh and I just realized that I have a pair of peep-toe pumps the exact color. I'm not usually a fan of being too matchy-matchy, but I might just have to make an exception in this case!
  12. Just gorgeous - I love that color!
  13. What an amazing color!
  14. Look how deep that color is-it's divine!!! Congrats! Another EB lover to add to the growing list! :smile:
  15. I have an EB RH City too! Bag twins! Congrats on your beauty, she looks super vibrant and electric!