my brand new coach:)

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  1. hi ladies!

    ok i posted a thread asking for modeling pictures of carly recently.
    i actually bought one last weekend but wanted to see how it looks on other people:P
    i really really like the design and the color (i bought the brown one!) and it's sad how other bags don't come out in this color ):
    apparently, there's a one problem; the shoulder strap is too stiff!
    do you think it'll get softer after i wear it several times??
    and the strap is hurting my shoulder after a little while... :/

    i don't know what to do..!
    really love the design and the color but the strap is bothering me so much!

    what do you think..?
  2. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the strap being too uncomfortable and having it be stiff... I actually never had any problem w/my carly right as I used it... but yes it will eventually become softer since the strap is leather that it will eventually bend easier... Just wear it a few times, I'm sure you'll notice a change... Also, as far as the strap being uncomfortable, what do you mean by that? I know that my strap sometimes slips off my shoulder and you can actually use a heel insert and put it on the underside of the strap so it'll stay on, but its never been uncomfortable... the carly is actually one of the most comfortable bags I own!!
  3. Coachgirl - thanks for that tip -I never thought about doing that - I always have a problem with keeping bags on my shoulder! I did return my turq Carly though -didn't like the color combo w/ the Khaki when I saw it IRL and the strap was very stiff - my Bronze Carly was super soft brand new so I guess I thought all the straps would be that way.
  4. Congrats on your new Carly! I have the brown one and I think that the strap gets softer with time.
  5. Congrats! Carly is the best bag ever! :tup: As far as the strap, mine have never been real stiff, but they will soften up.. I also used Apple Conditioner on mine and it helps soften it instantly and stops the squeakiness if there is any. HTH! :tup:
  6. GASP!!!!! That apple conditioner will stop the squeaks? Do I just rub it around where the leather wraps around the hardware? I LOVE my Carly but it IS squeaky at times...haha!
  7. I would also think conditioning it would help. I have a leather carly and the strap was soft when I got it new.
  8. The carly with turquoise trim might have been more stiff because of the patent! Patent seems to be stiffer than regular leather most of the time!
  9. Can't agree with the above posters more :yes:

    A good quality conditioner will soften the strap straight away...and stop pesky squeaks. Just rub a tiny bit on the leather immediately around the hardware, if it's still noisy leave it to soak in a day or so and reapply if needed.
  10. yay for conditioner! I have noticed that some of the bags have stiffer straps than others, but the straps do ease after a bit of carrying. When I run into stiff straps, I try to wear the bag with a jacket or something that will help protect my shoulder, while at the same time helping mold the strap into a more comfortable position.
  11. wow! thanks for the tips ladies(:
    i'll try that asap!!
  12. My Carly is not too old so I can't tell you if it will be soft. I think you should keep it! I love my Carly and I think is a great bag.