My brand new Coach...OH NO!!!!

  1. Hi girls! I just got a beautiful brand new large Carly on Monday (I posted pics in the Feb. thread) and I am so in love with it. I have a small problem though. Yesterday I had on some dark jeans and when I got home from shopping I set my Carly down and about threw up. My jeans had rubbed off on the jacqured fabric.:tdown::crybaby: I freaked out. Luckly when I bought my Coach I also bought the fabric cleaner to go with it. So I cleaned it off and got most of it off. You could just see a slight tint of blue if you stared at it. I decided not to wear those jeans with my Coach bag again (I've had these jeans for months and have worn and washed them plenty of times). Today I wore some lighter jeans and I noticed that just a bit rubbed off on to my Carly AGAIN. It was in the same spot. I just cleaned it again but I am afriad I am going to ruin the fabric with all this rubbing and washing. I am so upset b/c I don't feel like this should be happening. I wear jeans regulary and I am not new to Coach at all and have never had this problem so what is going on now? I am so upset over this. I treat my bags like gold so to have blue on my brand new Carly that isn't even a week old makes me sick to my stomach. Does anyone have any suggestions or had this happen before? What should I do? I can't quit wearing jeans, that is all I have. I am a stay at home mom to 2 so I don't have any reason to dress up.
  2. that stinks. I have some jeans that rub off on everything although it is only one pair. Maybe it is only some pairs. The ones that rub off are gap but I have a lot of banana republic that don't seem to do that.
  3. Ugh I had that problem too. Not with my bags though, thank God. My bags are all tiny so they usually don't hit anywhere near my jeans. But my GAP jeans that I had for quite a while rubbed off on the side of my brand new sand Uggs and I almost threw up all over the place. I mean, I know they're not a fashion statement anymore but they're comfortable and they're expensive! Needless to say, the blue stain is still there and I cringe every time I look at it. I had only worn them twice....
  4. I'm sorry!! I only wear dark jeans and I have never had any rub off.. I would call coach and ask them what to use to clean it..

    And maybe it is the brands you are wearing ?
  5. Ugg I have no idea girls why this happened. I got the bag on Monday carried it Tues. and Wed. with no problem. Yesterday I wore my 7 jeans and they are a dark wash. I guess that is what it is. Today I wore a lighter wash jeans and just a bit came off in the same spot. I wonder if it rubbed off today since I had used the cleaner on it. I know sometimes when you use cleaner on say carpet it sometimes makes it more easy to stain. The blue came off again today but I think I am taking my bag to Coach on Monday and asking them about it. I am sure they won't do anything but this just upsets me. Literally I feel sick to my stomach.:throwup:
  6. double post... sorry
  7. Just keep using the fabric cleaner. I also used it in the past for blue jean dye that transferred to my carly as well.
  8. This is why I ended up returning my parchment Carly.:yes: I never used it for fear of rub off and ended up taking it back although I love the parchment color. I still get tempted to by that bag!!;)
    I'm saving my lighter color bags for summer when I wear more khaki and lighter colors.
    I feel for ya, that really sucks on a brand new bag!
    I see a blue spot on my BLACK Legacy satchel from where it rubs against my jeans!
  9. Hmm I have a large Carly and wear jeans everyday and have never had that problem.. however, I do have a bright coral sweatshirt from american eagle that I have had bleed onto my Carly (luckily I got it out with a wet washcloth and the siggy cleaner after) but even after several washings that particular sweatshirt just bleeds. None of my jeans do though, light or dark.. it must be your jeans.. Sorry!!! :tdown:
  10. So sorry this happened to your bag and I hope you can get it all out. I think Coach should post warnings on their care cards, as this seems to be a very common issue. I love Starbucks too !
  11. Oh I am so sorry that your jeans rubbed off on your bag! What a bummer.
  12. YES this would be a great idea! I've never had the problem and honestly it never occured to me that this would happen so a warning would be nice. Starbucks ROCKS!!!:yes:
  13. What a bummer!! Sorry to hear about that....would be a bummer at any time but esp. with your Carly being brand new! :sad:
  14. I am sorry about your new carly. Some one mentioned in another thread about baby wipes cleaning spots on fabric. I don't know if this would work but I thought I would mention it.