My Brand New Beautiful Michael Kors! :)

  1. I am so excited i went to woodbury commons today to the Michael Kors outlet and bought this BEAUTIFUL bag!
    its SO SOFT and its SO BIG :smile: those are my 2 fav things,,,, ABOUT LEATHER haha

    its so nice here are some pictures i love the details on it, its simple but i think really attractive, i love big bags and YUM haha


    and heres a picture with my txtbook in front of it so you can see how massively huge it is! :smile:

    do you guys like?!?!
  2. You know, I love Michael Kors bags. That one is a beauty. :smile:
  3. Cute! I love the drawstring...
  4. Very Nice Bessie (Trader!! LOL)
    Hey, BTW, posting ID's always interest me. Where in the world did you get Help Slush from???
  5. thanks Rowanoak and kooba lover

    Lexie: :smile: hehe thank you i now im so bad they had all these koobas in Saks off 5th (ginger, carla, marcelle but NOt the cognac cheekers is looking for ;), the chiara, and one other

    they were around like $300,,,, but i already have the ones i love!!!! i want ELISHA!! im waiting to see if my friend is gonna get it for me 1/2 off!!! i think she is gonna be able to YAAY

    AND MY POSTING ID haha actually was before i really knew what TPF was and i had a gucci bag that i bought like an ass before i knew anything and wanted to have it authenticated like ASAP and i just wanted a name quick so it was Help!!! and then by accident i put another L so HELPL!!! and then my normal email is slushpupy2 (from 6th grade when i loved slushpuppies) haha !!!!!!!!

    I know crazzy explanation for my name on here its so silly

    if i had known i was going to be OBSESSED with this place i def would have had something cuter!!!!!!!!

    and Lexie 2000, name and year?? or no?
  6. it looks great! congrats :dothewave:
  7. Yes, Lexie is my name and the year 2000 is when I was born. I fooled you all since I am only 7 years old today!Hooked on Phonix has really upped my vocabulary...LOL

    Actually When I first registered with eBay in 98 I put in Lexie1998 but it was already taken so I just changed it to 2000 so now I use Lexie2000 for alot of different sites where it requires a sign in name.

    So...I wanna hear about Cheekers next...
  8. love it!
  9. I actually have the mini version of this bag in brown. I LOVE his pebbled leather! I'm glad you were able to find a good deal and are so excited. Love it!
  10. Congrats, it looks lovely!
  11. congrats and enjoy!!
  12. Very nice! MK has a lot of nice bags right now!
  13. calamitkate :smile: i kept trying the smaller version it was SO cute but i find most of my more used bags are the bigger ones so :smile: i went with it!

    thanks everyone!!!!!!
  14. Congratulations on your MK, I absolutely adore his bags, leather is so soft, good quality. By the way where is the Michael Kors outlet?
  15. oohhhh... i like!!! its like HUGE and i thought my ultimate soft is big.. hee hee..