My BRAND new baby cabas has gone apart in some stitches..

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  1. My mom bought the white baby cabas on friday the 8th in Hamburg and gave it to me monday the 11th, used it from tuesday the 12th and just discovered today that some of the diamond stitches (just a few) has gone up/apart..

    I called the Danish store and they said that it would be shipped to repair and it would take several months, the best thing was to travel to HAMBURG (???) and talk to them (travel to another country??).

    Called the store in Hamburg and they said that the procedure was that since the bag is so new, it would be shipped to Paris and they will make a descision fast about wether it should be repaired or I would get a credit.. They told me to call the danish store again and explain this because it should NOT take several months.

    Called the danish store AGAIN told the things the Hamburg store had told me, was told again yes they would do that, but it WOULD take several months..

    I have no idea what to do now??!! Anyone who can help me out here??
  2. I think you should bring it back to Hamburg and explain that it has been less than 14 days (which is the return policy here, not sure what it is there) and the bag is already falling apart. Tell them that you do not want to wait for your bag to be repaired and you would like to exchange it or receive a refund/credit for it. Ask for the manager too!

    Good luck Mai and sorry about this :sad:
  3. Thanks for the info .. but I HOPE I can avoid travelling to Hamburg, I don't have the money right now for planetickets etc..
  4. Oh man I would make them take it back grrr!!
  5. oh how awful!
    there isn't a chanel store closer to you that you could take it to? you should be able to return it anywhere, i'd imagine. good luck! i hope you're able to fix it without any problems.
  6. Ship it back to the store and DEMAND a refund IMMEDIATLEY!
  7. I bought a Chanel bag from the Chanel boutique. The chain broke the first time I used it. They wanted to send it in for repairs. I asked for the manager and calmly explained and they exchanged it. It took a lot of talking. I try to always buy everything at NM since they have such a great echange and return policy. I took back a Chanel evening bag a year after I bought it. There was no problem.
  8. ^ actually I had a pretty good experience with repairing a relatively new chanel bag. I got my Caviar blue east/west bag in Aug from SCP chanel, then the metal loop in the very end fell off and the chain detached in like Oct, so I took it back to SCP chanel. My SA didn't ask any question, she actually felt really sorry and politely offered to exchange another one, but since there was only one left and I didn't like the diamonds on the flap of that one coz they are not symmetrical, she then sent my bag to Chicago (or NY, I forgot where) to repair and 2 weeks later I got it back like brand new.

    If you have a Chanel boutique close by, def. take it there and ask, take the receipt too!

    Good luck!
  9. There is only one Chanel store in Demark, the one I called who told me it would take many months .. So I think I am going to ship it to the store in Germany, but I will call them first..

    Any other advice?
  10. oh :sad: i hope u get it replaced!! this is not the exact quality we hear about!
  11. Contact the store in Germany. Advise them that you will returning the bag. Also, ship it my insured mail and for full value.
  12. I did.. I am going to send it to them, the thing is, I checked with UPS and it costs over 300 dollars :sad: I am going to check with regular postoffice if they do insured and full calue mail ..
  13. UPDATE!!

    Okay! so I just called Chanel in Hamburg and asked if she has found out anything - she said, she hadn't been able to locate another replacement bag yet, but she will keep trying. Also she would send me a label for a UPS package so CHANEL will pay for the UPS shipping (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!) and then they will look at the bag to see if they could repair it locally, if not they will contact Paris for either a brand new bag or reapiring in paris.

    SO FAR the Hamburg CS has been TERRIFIC!! and the danish CS has been SOOO bad ..
  14. ^^ Im glad u were able to solve it!!! :smile:
  15. Me too!! Well I am all happy when I have a bag in my hands that is not damaged .. but so far so good :smile: