MY BRAND NEW AMAZING PRADA WALLET-my 1st prada piece!! :) yaay

  1. :love: :love: :smile: hey prada ladies!!!! this is my very 1st prada piece and i am SO in love with it i cannot even express my happiness!!! the color, the leather YUM!
    thanks for looking!!!

  2. :yahoo: OOH!! Love it!! Great color...!! Where did you get this beauty?! Congrats and enjoy!!
  3. hehe thanks SO much! :smile: i acutally got it off of craigslist believe it or not, but it was the blue color and the woman had the gift receipt and everything still in the box and everything and so i took it to the Prada store that is in Soho NYC and exchanged it for this green color cause i was SO in love with the green, it was a beautiful blue too but blue is so typical and i felt this green was so different that i had to have it!

    It was def. the best deal ive gotten on craigslist, i was so happy, i saved about $140 from the retail price, and then there would have been tax on that so i was REALLY happy and of course i knew it was authentic cause i exchanged it at prada :smile: so thats my AMAZING WALLET STORY to go with my amazing wallet picture haah :smile: thanks for the comment!!
  4. congrats! that is a gorgeous wallet. i have seen it in many colours, and green is one of my favorite.
  5. Gorgeous wallet! Congrats & enjoy. =)
  6. thanks guys!!! :smile:
  7. i LOVE prada saffiano leather. maybe i should start looking on craigslist more now lol
  8. hey sgaotw :smile: the saffiano leather is just amazing!! the quality, feel, SMELL! :smile: its all amazing

    haha i know who knew craigslist could produce something so amazing!
  9. looks great! wonderful colour
    show us more of the inside!

    just bought myself the first Prada purse and I know the leather is amazing
  10. hey theinsider :smile: where can i see pics of yours?!?!!

    andd here are the pics of the inside of the wallet!! thanks for the compliments!!!
  11. Congratulations.