My Brand New '05 Black City !!!

  1. I am in LOVE!!!
    Here are pics of my Brand New (with Barney's Tag) '05 Black City!!
    A day or two before I had decided that I wanted an '05 Black City and '05 Black Weekender and suddenly there they were on eBay! Bought the City and it arrived and was so gorgeous that I have now also bought the Weekender (waiting for her to arrive).
    This is now my favourite bag! :tender:
    IMG_0297.jpg IMG_0300.jpg
  2. congrats! Thank you for posting:pI love seeing new bags, so addicted I must search for more.
  3. 05 is gorgeus....i just returned 05 black to take 06 black...did i make some mistake??? :confused1:
  4. Shes stunning !!! congrats:yahoo:
  5. Wow!! That is one gorgeous black 05!! I love my 05 black city...the leather is just TDF!! Congrats!!
  6. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    Your 05 Black City looks TDF:nuts:

    Can't wait to see the Weekender!
  7. Wow she looks amazing and Im with Siri I cant wait to see the work!!!!!!!
  8. Gorgeous yummy leather!!!! Congrats!! :smile:
  9. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!
  10. Congrats:nuts: ! Is there anything better than fondling awesome leather like that? It slouches so beautifully...
  11. CONGRATS and ENJOY!:yahoo:
  12. Loving the 05 black city!!! Such gorgeous leather - congrats on the great find!
  13. Ohhh the leather looks so soft and smooshy! :drool: Congrats! Gorgeous Bag!
  14. Ooh, that looks exactly like my 05 City--PERFECT if I do say so myself! Congrats!!!!
  15. It is a beautiful bag! The leather looks divine too!