My braided handle tote

  1. I'm always saying how much I love the braided handles, so I thought I'd post a pic of my newest BV--is this the "poudre" color? I just fell in love with it the last time I was in the Chicago BV store.

    I'm trying to learn to post pics, so I hope this works. The photo isn't the best but it's the same bag that Neiman's has online only theirs is in Noce, I believe.
    BV Tote 001crop.jpg
  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! You know what? Before I clicked on the pics, I just KNEW it'd be this braided hobo. I LOVE this design and so wanted it in Noche for a while until my hubby ended up getting me the Ball bag in Noche. I love it! The color is really wonderful, isn't it? And the price is reasonable for a BV. Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Omg!!:nuts:
    IS THAT BEAUTIFUL!! I love the style, LOVE the color! Congratulations!
    What is that style called Boxermom?
  4. Wow, this is so beautiful!!! I love it, congratulations!!!
  5. That is beautiful !
  6. ^^How much is it?
  7. wow its gorgeous what is that style i love it :smile:
  8. Congrats, it's such a beautiful bag. I'll get it in white next months.
  9. Oh WOW! It looks so soft and luscious!!! I think this is the magnolia colour, right? It's beautiful!!
  10. :nuts:

    That's gorgeous!! That ought to be the poudre :yes:
    Would it be possible for you to take a modelling pic, boxermom? Wanna see how the bag would look against a person carrying it :shame:
  11. I love your bag, boxermom. It looks exquisite!!! :love:
  12. BOXERMOM!!! Congratulations and I am so glad you posted this!

    I have wanted to ask about this bag and I have my eye on it. I want to ask so many questions!!!

    Are you ready?

    1) How comfy is the braid on your shoulder?
    2) Does it sit really nice on the shoulder?
    3) How tall are you? How is the size of the bag? (modeling pic please)
    4) The leather appears faintly textured in it? How will it withstand use/scratches?
    5) Could this be a good everyday bag?
    6) Any pockets? Compartments?
    7) What are all the colors it comes in?
    8) How much can it hold?
    9) Can I come to your house and see it?:yahoo:
    10) Please share any additional info.

    Can you tell I LOVE IT???? I have wanted to post about this bag for a week or two and have held back.


    :yahoo: :love: :drool: :drool: :love: :yahoo:
  13. That bag is beautiful!!! I'm so happy you have a great new BV for your collection! Love the color!
  14. I love this and all the braided handle bags. I was eyeing it in NM as well- thanks for posting it in this color, I prefer it. It also looks so much more slouchy in your picture.
    Absolutely on my list now.:smile:
  15. Beautifully soft and yummy! Congrats on a great purchase.