!!! My Bracelets and accessories stock update !!!

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  1. Hi All .
    i used to post my bracelet collections before , BUT i decide to wrap things up all together . so this thread i will back up data for my Bbag , accessories and bracelets.

    May i start the Bracets first ?

    My pink base Rangers

    From bottom to up .

    GSH Peony 10 , GSH Cyclamen 11 , GRH Vieux Rose 11 , GRH Bois de rose 10 , and GSH Triple Grenadine 11

    My Blue base Rangers


    From Left to Right .

    GRH Noir 10 , GSH Blue Paon 11 , RH Holiday 10 , GSH Dark Knight 11 , GSH Blue Roi 10 , GRH canard 10 , GSH Nuage 11 , GSH Ardoise 11 , GSH Triple Blu Lavende 11 and GRH Triple Vert Menthe 11

    And other color Rangers


    From Left to Right

    GSH Orange Brulee 11 , GRH Siegel 10 , Shiny RH Poupre 09 , Shiny RH Raisin 09 , GSH Mimosa 11 and GSH Triple Coquelicot 11

    Here is group shot.


    so when i finish my work i will go back and update my accessoies .

    i hope you like it :biggrin:.
    Thanks in advance for your comments
  2. woooooow! your collection is amazing!

    never seen so many bracelets at once before. :O
  3. Amazing collection of bracelets there! Highly enviable ^^
  4. Omg, what a Collection you have there! Nice one!!
  5. WHAT A COLLECTION!!! never seen so many bal bracelets together before.
  6. a stunning rainbow of bracelets!

  7. Wow! Lucky you!
  8. Beautiful and a really helpful way of seeing the colours together. Thanks for sharing.
  9. oh my gosh ! what an amazing collection!!!
  10. Thank to u all , for the compliment

    so next i will start with my small leather goods.

    Make up clutch

    in Vermillion 08


    Blue Glacier 07


    Truffle 07


    and some more later ....... :biggrin:
  11. WOW!!! What a wonderful collection so far! LOVE the vert menthe triple tour (though i suppose it's the double tour now)!
  12. WOW! Seriously I think you own more bracelets than I ever saw at a go in the Bal boutique in my country!
  13. :roflmfao::true:...they are all so gorgeous!!
  14. Oh my godness!! What a lovely collection! You must love Bal bracelets!! They are so colourful and looking at them makes me happy :smile:
  15. More more more!