My Bracelet arrived from

  1. OK, DHL just knocked at my's pics...I culdn't pull everything out because Lux is fast asleep in my room, and I didn't want to disturb a sleeping baby!!

    Here's the ones i could aren't very good...

    Oh, and by the way - Hermes has new packaging for the bracelets - this one came in a little velvet pouch - all my others have come in the other boxes like in the pics....
    Bracelet1.JPG Bracelet2.JPG Bracelet3.JPG Bracelet3B.JPG
  2. more..
    Bracelet4.JPG Bracelet5.JPG Bracelet6.JPG
  3. Congratulations!!! Please come back!
  4. GF ~ Love The New Bracelet!!! It's One Of My Favorites!!!!!! I Love The Way You Wear Your Bracelets ~ Gorgeous! Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!! :smile:

    ETA: Kristie ~ You Are So Loved Here....Please Don't Leave.
  5. GF, i luv ur bangles!!!!

    pls. come back!!!
  6. Gorgeous bracelets K! p.s. come back!
  7. Thank you for sharing,they are all sooooo pretty!

    I want to get one now!!!
  8. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! That is sooo stunning!!!!! The color is just sooo beautiful! Are the bracelets small? I have thick wrists do you think it will fit me!? Don't laugh, please.
  9. K, those are beautiful bracelets. The one from came so quickly! Congrats!!!
  10. they are so pretty.. i love the colors..
  11. Impsola, they come in 2 sizes. I'm pretty sure GF's are the small so there are the bigger ones too, if you find the small ones are a little tight. The trick is trying to get the darn things thru the knuckles tho, lol! I tried some on on Saturday and I could just fit the small ones thru my gangly knuckles but ended up kinda sore from the experience.:lol: The clic-clac ones are ok coz they "undo" or unclip so you don't have to squish your knuckles thru.
  12. oh your bracelets are beautiful!! i want to get some now!!!
  13. OMGOODNESS! Please....need to close my eyes...I knew I shouldn't have looked, but I wanted to congratulate you and say "WOW-weEEE" those are FAbulous!!
  14. Congratulations on the bracelet!! They're so beautiful!!!!:nuts:
  15. I love the bracelet and how you're wearing it combined wiht the other ones.