My boyfriend's Coach

  1. I have been wanting to post this since Sunday, but wasn't sure how to say it. So here I go!

    I think I had my first Coach experience with my boyfriend when he tried to buy me a Coach bag last fall and I told him it was ugly. (Sorry, but it was and if I said that he wouldn't buy it for me...that is another story) I have educated him on Coach and even bought him a black pebble shave case for v-day.

    Now in February this new girl started at work. Her first day she walked in to work with a MJ bag and I nearly fell on the floor. After that day, she has used an optic signature satchel. Which my bf and I agree is really cute and he was trying to find me one. I have been looking around and can't seem to find the exact bag.

    Well Sunday night he and I were out for ice cream and he told me this: "I told _____ last night that she should lock her bag up in her locker so it doesn't get stolen. She told me not to worry because it was fake and wasn't worth much." Thank goodness we were in the back of the store because I let out a huge WHAT???? I had the :nuts: and the :wtf: looks.

    Therefore, I also am assuming the MJ bag she owns is a faux.

    I just had to tell you all!!!!
  2. haha oh boy, there is a ton of fake optic out there!
  3. basically awesome

    note to husband: great use of subtle investigating skills haha
  4. It's amazing how many girls out there will admit that they carry a fake!
  5. Wow that story is unreal! Some people just won't pay for a real bag.
  6. It's funny, I was at school yesterday and was down in the cafe getting something to eat. While I was waiting in line, a girl got behind me who I found out earlier that morning works at the Coach I'm going to today. I had my Optic Mini Skinny on me and was holding it with my cell phone..but I saw her eyeing it up. I'm not sure if she was doing it just to see exactly what it was or to see if it was fake. I just thought it was funny. I felt like saying "No hunny, it's real! Take my word for it!" But now that you're saying there's a lot of fake Optic out there, I'm wondering if that's the reason why she was staring...
  7. Oh that fake optic is horriable! I see alot of it when we go out of town, I have trained dh to spot the fakes!
  8. I was watching My Super Sweet 16 the other night (I watch with a slack jaw...I'd love to slap these chickies upside the head)

    anywho...this girl is going on and on how rich her family is...and she's holding a fake Coach bag.


    (and I've noticed in other MSS16 shows as well...tons o fake bags)
  9. I saw a fake mini sig on my walk yesterday at lunch. This lady was heading back to her office and I was almost jogging to catch up, get a glance at it and keep moving. I never say anything.
  10. I was in a bagel shop near my house the other day and spotted the WORST fake ever. It was a black, fake leather bag with a HUGE poppy (in the style of the real coach poppy) GLUED on and coming off in spots.. I felt like ripping it off the bag and sticking it to her ass :sneaky:
  11. optic is faked allllll the time, and unfortunately its easy to do a pretty good fake because they c's dont all have to line up, etc.
  12. I watch that show too and I've never noticed the fakes. I need to pay attention now! I usually get disgusted by the spoiled brats I stop paying attention.

  13. Me too!!

  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: LOL--That is too funny!

    Where are the Coach Police when you need them? A few of you will make good ones:boxing:
  15. It's soooo much better that they admit it though than pretend it's real! That's sooo much worse.