My boyfriend upset me about a Coach I wrong or he is?? Oh dear........

  1. Ok ladies ( sorry about the lond text ) isn't a very good day for me...this thread may sound a little dumb, but, since I am here, bored, decided to share and ask some of you guys opinions :cry:

    So, I only own 4 things from Coach...I am not as fanatic as I sound, but...anyway, my boyfriend got really upset because I was thinking on saving some $ to get myself a new one by Christmas...and yeah, we live together, we share bills and I own him some money that I am slowly paying back every month...get it?

    He says I dont have the lifestyle to wear/buy a Coach purse, because I am a nanny & dont make that much $$$.

    I dont even buy anything else expensive. I wear affordable ( but cute ) shoes, clothes, make up, etc...but can't seem to be able to go back to 'regular' purses after I bought my first coach...Am I that bad? Should I just not listen to him? Or is he right...I should pay ALL the bills first?

    Oh I said, not the biggest deal, but, my PMS'ing is helping to make me even more upset over this :p
  2. He's probably mad because you still owe him $$. If my husband said I'm going to save for a $300 golf club, I'd tell him he best pay me back every cent beforehand! Once I'm paid go nuts!
  3. honestly? i think that if it makes you happy you should do it. as long as things are paid for and he is getting his money. i mean, it's not like you are charging it. it sounds like you are going to put money aside for it. get what you want girl!
  4. I think if you save your money, and you pay off what you need to pay then heck, buy yourself your Coach bag you know. But being responsible does come first, then you can treat yourself to buying Coach.
  5. I'm in a similar situation...I make about the same amount of money as my husband does, but we obviously have bills to pay and credit cards to pay off. He got upset because I was buying myself stuff while we still have debt to pay off. So we worked out a way to pay off the bills but still allow me to shovel $50 into my own "allowance" account to use however I please.

    Since you're not married, I would say that you should probably pay back the money you owe him first, or at least make a bigger effort to give him that. Obviously the shared expenses come first before luxuries, but maybe you can work out an allowance system to allow yourself some money for yourself but still pay him back in a timely fashion.

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks girls...Of course I want to pay him the rest I owe Asap...and what botheres me is that he knows I've been paying and I NEVER by myself stuff...I am not a 'normal' girl lol
    Oh well...I think he over reacted, because, I only mention I wanted...and he saw me browsing on line a couple times at coach website...we'll see...
  7. i think u should pay what u owe him first, but maybe he wants to contribute to a new bag for u as an xmas gift?
  8. I would say pay him off first.... but I also dont' get how if you live together and share things why you owe him money? :confused1: Oh well, that's another thread! :yes: Anyway, pay him off, then he can't say anything, and you won't have a guilty conscience. :tup:
  9. Well Im not sure what part or the world you are in but you could make quite a bit on money being a nanny :smile: That being said, I would pay him back what you owe and enjoy the coaches you currently have. While I was a nanny I never thought I could own a coach but that was just my mentality. Now I have too many! I really dont think it should matter what you do for work, if you save up your money then buy what you like girl. :smile:
  10. he helped me to get a new car when mine gave up on me ;)
  11. I think if you save money for it, that is no problem. But your first priority should be paying him back the money you owe him. IMHO
  12. I think most of us are in a similar situation. My husband an I have enough credit card debit before I can make a another bag purchase. I learned to stop myself and keep my bags in rotation so I don't get bored. New bags are always a good thing but sleeping and knowing you don't owe anyone anything is great too! I just want to get rid of debt and then I can relax and make a really good purchase. You should pay him back as much as you can before you purchase them. You'll feel relief. In the mean time use the other bags you have...they need some lovin' too! =)
  13. Pay back your boyfriend before you buy another Coach. Look at it from his perspective, he did you a huge favor by fronting you the money to buy a car that you badly needed. He's not wrong to expect you to settle your debt with him first before you buy yourself another luxury item. I'm sure you would expect the same if it were you that was owed money.
  14. I understand why he's upset. you should be paying him back first. I know it's exciting to get all caught up in fun new purses, but you have to have a closet to store them all in!
    unfortunately, paying bills is part of being an adult.
  15. I agree with others - you need to pay obligations first. You can always get your Coach fix with a small keyfob or wristlet. Then save a little each month for the bag you really want for later in the year. I look at the Coach website nearly every night just to :drool:. My DH knows that it's "eye candy" and doesn't get too riled up about it.

    It's a bummer, I know, especially when everyone is frantic on here with the PCE going on. Hang in there!