My boyfriend smelled another girl...

  1. I guess he was at the bar one night and walked by this girl and he loved her perfume and she said she was wearing Clarins Elysium...

    I had never even smelled it before but he says it's the greatest thing ever.

    I see it is discountinued and the only place I can get it is eBay-

    And it's EXPENSIVE, well for me since I buy my perfume at the store I work at for a discount.

    There's one I'm watching for $65 that ends soon and I'm thinking of just getting it for the heck out if and if I think it sucks I can re-sell it for that much!

    Seriously, it must be great because people paid over $50 for a half used bottle like less and 1 ML.

    Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone has this or has smelled it and can give me a thumbs up or down on it?

    I want to get it because he loved it and he never loves any of my fragrances! LOL

    Here's the bottle- off the auction I'm watching and as you can tell it's used a bit and it's still going for $65!


  2. Thanks... I came across that before but they are expensive!

    Over $100!!!

    I'm going to try to win this one on eBay but I wish I knew what it smelled like. LOL

    3.4 Oz Eau De Toilette Spray Concentree[​IMG] $149.99[​IMG]

    3.4 Oz Eau De Toilette Spray Concentree Unbox Lowfill[​IMG] $150.00
  3. Wow! That's alot....I've never smelled it before. It may smell totally different on you than on the random girl!
  4. Ohh yes. That's true. I never thought about that.

    Well I will sell it if he tell me it smells liek crap on me. LOL
  5. I actually have this ! My mom bought it for me quite awhile back, definately before it was discontinued. I was obsessed with having it because the spelling was somewhat similar to how my name is spelled " Elys..". I liked this fragrance, although I admit, I haven't worn it in awhile. I was describe it definitely as a floral, with some fruity notes. I hope you like it :smile:
  6. lol man, if my man smelled another woman, i would go nuts & buy it too!

    im curious now, i love perfume. another one to add to my list!
  7. Well I lost the auction it went for $76...
    So now I'm on a search. I think I might just buy the 1.7 oz for $69.00 I guess. That's really the only reasonable one on eBay I guess.

    That was cheap ($76) for that 3.4 oz.
  8. GoodLuck Amber!! I hope I was able to help!
  9. Thanks... I ended up buying a 1.7 Oz bottle on ebay for a total of $69.99. It's a lot for a little but it better be good! Thanks!

    I'll let ya know how HE likes it on me.
  10. should've told HIM to buy it for you if he liked it that much :yes:
  11. ^I agree.
  12. ^ AGREED! Honestly, I think it's a bit creepy...

    My ex wanted me to wear a certain perfume, because he had a friend who wore it in college and it "drove him crazy" (his words, not mine). He also used to talk about how much of a crush he had on this girl. That's when I knew for sure he was a loser. He bought me the perfume and I actually wore it even though it smelled like ass. If any guy ever asked me to do this again I would flat out refuse. No offense to anyone, JMHO :shrugs:

  13. DAMN STRAIGHT!!! :p:yes:
  14. tell him to buy it for you