My boyfriend is absolutely clueless about handbags!

  1. We were on holiday in Prague, walking past the LV store.

    I pointed to a red epi speedy in the window, saying "that looks very nice, don't you think?" (because I always point out stuff in windows that I like) He said, "nah, I like that one better", pointing at a black multicolour monogram bag. I said that I don't really like wearing a bag with logos all over. And you know what he said?

    "Well, who would know what brand it is anyway?"


    And then I kissed him. He's just so sweet and clueless about fashion.

    Does anyone else have boyfriends like mine? Or do you educate them?
  2. mine used to be clueless, but after being together for nearly 5 yrs, he now knows of balenciaga and chanel. he actually likes thomas wylde! lol
  3. Mine knows more brand names now, but he still doesn't care otherwise. If I point to bag that I like, he would just nod. But it's fine with me, that's what girlfriends are for :smile:
  4. Yeah, my BF knew NOTHING about fashion when I met him...4 years later he is telling me that he saw a totally fake Gucci and stuff. Yes I have even taught him the basics about spotting a fake. He is so cute, sometimes still clueless about what matches, but that is why they have us!!
  5. My boyfriend now knows a bit about bags...he now knows the difference between gucci and louis vuitton! he even looks out for people checking my chloe paddington bag when we are out! Guess he does listen to me sometimes when i go on and on about bags i want and dreams about lol
  6. My BF knows some of the major brands...Coach, Kate Space, LV, etc....this could be good since he is in tune with fashion, but also bad since then he could figure out how much $ they cost when I bring them home!!!! LOL
  7. Yeah I would say my BF is pretty clueless. But he doesnt give a **** about purses either (except for the pricetag) so therefore, he will always stay on the dark side. :push:
  8. Before my bf met me he didn't know what Gucci or Prada was. Now after almost 5 years together, we got fake spotting around the city when were strolling around board out of our minds. Although he thinks I'm crazy for spending so much for bags (he considers jewlery a better investment of my money) he has succumb and bought me some Coach wristlets. yay :smile: Hopefully I'll have something more high-end in my future. For now I'm happy with jewerly ... diamonds are a girls best friend.
  9. My fiance probably thinks I'm cheating on him with some dude named Marc Jacobs.
  10. my bf was clueless when we met, but after nearly 3 years, he now amazes me with the knowledge that he has absorbed from all my incessant chatter! he actually likes to go shopping with me because he says he likes seeing me get really excited by something. he has become an amazing scout for me in stores when we separate, often bringing back items that i would have selected myself. this is an amazing skill in Filene's Basement - which has great treasures buried beneath lots of junk. when we first started dating he bought me the dictionary-like Sept Vogue as a gift to cheer me up when I had a bad day at school. he is a total keeper!! :heart:

    he got me a M by MJ jacket for my birthday, picked out all by himself. He knows some of my favorite designers - Lanvin, Balenciaga, HH (of course) and Roland Mouret - amongst more well known labels. he is coming around now to seeing the value in investing in high quality pieces for himself - he got a pair of gorgeous Prada trousers on sale recently that fit like a dream and he is so proud... he's come a long way from his closet full of ill fitting Dockers, hand-me-downs and thrift store shirts!

    he is actually better than alot of my gf's at picking stuff out for me. sheesh, i'm going to cut this bragging short and go tell him how awesome he is!
  11. That's funny!
  12. My boyfriend recognizes LV and Gucci (his mom used to carry them), but that's about it. Sometimes he'll point out an LV and ask me if I think it's real or not. A couple of times, he was able to spot a fake on his own.
  13. My bf and I have been together 5.5 years now, and he though he was clueless before, he now knows all about Balenciaga, Chanel, LV, Fendi... He was telling me how the Ashanti song "Switch" makes him think of me because he learned about all those brands through me. hehe A couple years ago, we were playing a game called Battle of the Sexes with some friends (guys vs. girls, girls get asked "masculine" questions, and the boys get asked "feminine" questions). My bf totally rocked the purse questions!! :smile:

    That said, I now know just as much about cars and can talk BMW, Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc...torque, and hp just like a boy! :p
  14. My ex knew alot about bags... before I met him :wtf:

    a bit more then me :push:

  15. boyfriend really tries to humor me and act like hes interested, but i can tell he really could care less about handbags. its so cute how he will try to talk with me tho! he has become a lot more educated since we have been together thats for sure!