My boyfriend got me this Tiffany bracelet for my bday! I also have a question.


    I was incredibly surprised when he pulled out a blue box at dinner since he kept dropping hints about buying me other things. I think he also made comments about not wanting to buy jewelry. I had sent him links to necklaces I wanted so I wasn't expecting a bracelet at all. But I think he got this to match my necklace and got it engraved the same way. However, it's actually not matching since i have the heart tag toggle necklace.

    He was so cute when he looked confused and said, "Wait, I thought it had that same clasp thingy." I actually think it's better he got me this one. Since I move my arm around a lot more, I might lose the toggle bracelet since it's easier to come undone.

    It's a little long. Does anyone know how long it will take if I bring it to get shortened?
  2. Congrats! That is a great classic piece.
    Most Tiffany stores send their pieces out for alterations to New York, it usually takes about 2 weeks to do a shortening.
  3. My boyfriend just bought me that one too! I love it!! Congrats *I also prefer this clasp to the toggle bracelet, just in case I lose it...eep*
  4. Hmm...that seems so long. I don't know if I can part with it for a couple weeks. I'm not even sure how long is too long. :shrugs:
  5. any good jeweler can shorten it. bring it in, theyll size ur wrist, and be sure to keep the spare links just in case
  6. How much does that cost? Does Tiffany charge anything?
  7. i'm sure tiffanys charges.. it was $25 to add an extra link for my necklace
  8. tes they do and it's not much.. the results are pretty good.
  9. Congrats! I also chose the clasp bracelet because I didn't want to risk losing a toggle bracelet. Like others have said, yes it can be sized & it isn't expensive.
  10. I just bought a bracelet yesterday, and they didn't charge me for shortening it. She also said it would take about two weeks for the alteration.
  11. I got my bracelet at the Tiffany store in NYC and I don't recall them charging me for shortening mine. Also I was able to get mine back the same day.
  12. I wonder why there's such a big wait difference for Ling Girl and Swee7bebe. I still can't decide if I should shorten it. :shrugs:
  13. They weren't able to shorten it at the store for me. It had to be sent out to NY. I was disappointed that I didn't get it back the same day...I was looking forward to wearing it already.
  14. I've never been charged to shorten but I have been for making it longer.

    Congrats on your gift!
  15. My boyfriend got me that bracelet too. We have some sweet b/f's! heh.

    I should really get mine shortened. It's kind of big on me and I just wore it that way. I should have resized it right away; I always feel like it's going to slip off.