my boyfriend got me a special valentines day [present

  1. YAY my boyfriend got me the best Vday gift ever a new Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater dress YAYAYAY so amazing
    my valetines day.jpg my valentines.jpg my valentines day gift.jpg
  2. Congrats on the gift! Did your BF choose this himself?? If he did, kudos to him!! LOL
  3. yeah he picked it out. he has great taste when it comes to clothes!! hehe
  4. Great choice!! Wear it well
  5. wow congrats!
  6. beautiful! i'm sure u look great in it too! congrats!
  7. such a cute dress,congrats
  8. So cute!! I love it!!
  9. what a great guy, so thoughtful...
  10. He picked it out himself? Wow, he's a keeper! That dress is adorable.
  11. That's so sweet of him! It's gorgeous!
  12. he's got great taste!
  13. ^ITA. I :heart: it.
  14. wooow ..congrats to your new dress..and to your bf with great taste..
    my bf both me gucci bag last year..and this year some fancy D&G underwear
    and gucci beltbag.....
  15. very cute. lucky you!