My boyfriend got a job!

Hi ladies and gents, I've been posting periodic messages about my boyfriend's job hunt since July, and I wanted to first say thank you to everyone who offered him and me advice (especially the lovely chigirl, she has been so helpful and understanding) and to let you know that there's a happy conclusion to the story!

He got a job!

And, better's where I live :yahoo: !

We've been living 3 hours apart for the last 6 months, it's been so stressful :sad: We'd given up hope on him finding a job here, I live in a medium-size college town, there just aren't many jobs in law here. But he found a really good one at a firm that he likes, so he's now an official lawyer, job and everything. I was so excited that I went out and bought him this bag for his new job! Of course, I celebrate by buying him a man-purse :roflmfao: !

Seriously, Christmas came early for me this year, I couldn't be happier!!

ahhh! omg i'm SO happy for you! and so excited for your bf!

congratulations! and you are SUCH a sweet girlfriend for going out and buying him a congratulatory gift! :heart:
AWWW!!! congrats to your boyfriend I hope he likes his new job.
I hope my boyfriend finds a job soon too.He's not a lawyer or anything but he needs a good job.That was soo nice of you to buy him a man bag i like it.