My boyfriend bought me a ....

  1. Botkier! :lol: I've been wanting a medium Luxe Trigger ever since it went on sale. I received a package half an hour ago and he surprised me! He said he thought it was affordable because it was on sale. And also because he was sick of hearing me whine about getting it. (maybe, I should whine about a Balenciaga or a Chloe;) )

    Sorry I'm babbling girls but I'm just ecstatic!!! I didn't think I was going to like the metallic chestnut but IRL it is gorgeous. A unique color. Yay! I love my:love: Here are some pics of my new bag...
    mybotkier1.jpg mybotkier2.jpg mybotkier3.jpg
  2. Very nice! And nice BF too!
  3. Very Nice - congratulations about the great bag and the great BF.

    Yes, you should start whining about more bags; since he appears to be sensitive to your wants. :amuse:
  4. Cool!!! Whining pays off. :lol: Gorgeous color!:love:
  5. Wow, what a thoughtful boyfriend, well with a little hinting he certainly got the idea. ;)
  6. That's a keeper right there!! :biggrin: Oh yah, and the boyfriend too of course :P
  7. WOW ! Great boyfriend!!!! Wish mine could think like that....

  8. He is a great boyfriend!!! Lucky me!
  9. Great bag I love the color!! You know that whining works with these guys as they really want to make you happy. Congrats on the bag and the sweet BF. Happy for you!!!:love:
  10. Great bag and super BF. Make sure you give him some extra honey! (and keep're doing really well!!!!)
  11. Great bag... and guy :smile:
  12. Lovely bag!! Alright... it's time for you to whine about a Chloe now... =P
  13. You're right Irissy. I'm practicing now... LOL
  14. Hahah!! 2 funny!!! :lol:
  15. Nice!