My boy is driving me nuts with all the rain!

Nov 30, 2008
Under a Palm Tree
Hi all....I cant explain why, but I've never really hung out on this forum much. I have 2 golden retrievers who are like my kids and my life, so I'll need to start stopping in here more often.

So, a question for you all....this is our rainy season in Florida and EVERYDAY for the last few months, it has rained and stormed in the afternoon. Luckily it usually only lasts about an hour, but some days, it will last all night.

My boy, Freedom (he's the one in my avatar :smile: )...who is 5years old completely FREAKS out when it rains or storms. He isnt really successfully destructive, but he starts scratching frantically at the wood floor over and over again, will shake terribly, pace all over, and try to hide anywhere. He is really uncontrollable and as an everyday occurrence this time of year, it's really taxing on me.

I know there are medicines you can get to calm them during storms, but I worry about using them because he does have a heart murmur so I try to not put any unnecessary toxins in his body and I wouldnt want to use them everyday anyway.

So my questions 1) Does anyone use these medicines/ treatments? 2) Are there any other options I can try? We have also tried the desensitizing, but it doesnt do anything, but make him even more stressed. Thanks!


Mar 31, 2006
My Dal has a heart murmur too - I would stay away from the strong vet meds to calm him down.
Sometimes we use a 1/2 of a benedryl tab but on a full tummy


May 26, 2008
You might try a dog trainer to teach him to overcome fear of loud noises. I would be nervous about giving him any type of drug because of his heart murmur. You should discuss with your vet.


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
I read once that dogs (or animals in general) don't like to go out in the rain because it hurts their ears. I would recommend a trainer for this issue though...or talk to your vet about this problem to see if he has any suggestions