my Boy at Louis Vuitton Exhibit (Travels & Travellers)

  1. My son at Lv 's Travels & Travellers tour at Guam,USA. The 1 month exhibit shows some brief history of Louis Vuitton and the original TRUNK BED and KEEPAL bag that was developed in 1920s...:yes:
    poops 005edit.jpg
  2. your son is adorable!
  3. What a little cutie! Looks like you were lucky to get him to hold still for long enough to take the pic!:choochoo:
  4. aw, what a cutie! :heart:
  5. cute :p

  6. awww he's soo cute! that's great, getting them started young! LOL :smile:
  7. what a cutie pie!
  8. He's cute! Future LV lover, for sure!
  9. OMG he is so cute, thanks for sharing!
  10. Awwww, too cute!
  11. He's so cute. Luv how he is standing up straight for the picture.
  12. What a cutie!!
  13. What a cutie!
  14. Cute!
  15. You're starting him early with LV, huh? LOL!