My Bowler+Me!

  1. I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me out before i bought my bag :smile: Here's a picture i took this morning, i ended up deciding on the patent black, i'm so in lovvvveee :heart:

  2. Your bowler looks great on you!

    Enjoy it!!
  3. You rock that it!! Your makeup looks great, and love the sweater.
  4. That bag looks so hot. I really want a black one. I thought I wanted the mat one but I like yours very much. Congrats.
  5. You guys are so sweet, thanks so much! And to piper, i didn't think i wanted patent at first either, but after i saw them in person i was head over heels.. in person the patent just looks SO rich and gorgeous! You should definitely get one :smile:
  6. The black patent looks so classy,enjoy your new bag you wear it well.:smile:
  7. Very nice. Congrats.
  8. How cute & sassy you are!! Congrats on your new bowler!:yes:
  9. Sammydoll, you look FAB with your patent Bowler. =)
    Congrats!!!!! Thank you for sharing your picture with us.
  10. Congrats... the bag looks great on you.
  11. That looks lovely on you ! :yes:
  12. You lucky gal! Looks great on you!
  13. I MUST have this bag! I LOVE it! This is the first "the LIST"!! I LOVE the patent leather- beautiful!!!!!!
    Thank you for posting the picture- now I know I NEED this bag.
  14. That bag is soo adorable! I was on the fence about it initially, but now you've won me over. Glad you got it!
  15. You wear the bag so well! congratulations on your bowler! :biggrin: