My Bow Satchel!!!!! Come see...lots of pixs

  1. Yay! So i went to pick up my bow satchel tonight and here she is! So soft...:yahoo:I showed pixs of me carrying her in various methods, a)handcarry b) as a shoulder bag c) messenger style ...gosh... I'm so happy ... :rolleyes:
    bow.JPG bow1.JPG bow2.JPG bow3.JPG bow4.JPG
  2. looks great, what colour is this
  3. Few more pixs below.. 1st pix- shoulder carry by sliding the long strap into half..(the SA was so helpful in showing me this method of carrying)
    bow5.JPG bow6.JPG bow7.JPG

  4. Its called carmel (or rather as the SA said, sand color) I love how this bag can be carried in 3 ways... as always, I just love Miu Miu:heart:
  5. It looks great on you.. congrats!!! By the way, how did u do the shorter strap? I can't seem to get mine done the way you did...
  6. Hope i can explain the steps rite and not sounds too complicated coz frankly i was amazed when the SA showed me..:p here goes...

    -1st you un-hook the strap from any 1 side of the bag,
    -Next you take out the hook from the strap + the small circle leather fastener and slide the leather strap pass the handle loop of the bag (where the long strap goes)
    -lastly, put back the small leather fastener followed by the hook..and voila, you can carry it shoulder-style... hope you understand what i meant...:sweatdrop:
  7. ohhh.. thank you! but how do you take out the hook from the strap :confused1:
  8. Welcome... just slide out the hook.. well i will try to take pixs of the steps when I can so you can have a clearer pix..
  9. That'd be great! Sorry for the troubles...
  10. wow this colour is amazing! :drool: I guess I was wrong for thinking this bag looks better in dark colours.
    I love the 1st method of wearing the bag. Now I want the bag even more more more!
  11. Gorgeous bag, gorgeous color!!!:okay: And thank you sooooo much for giving us that tip on how to shorten the strap!!!! I tried it and LOVE the new length!!! :tup:
  12. Really, Spendalot..tks for soothing my thoughts out.. coz frankly i kinda worried that i have chosen the wrong color and was asking my DH if the milk white would be nicer.. and whilst at the store just now, the SA also told me that this color is easier to match and also lower maintainance compared to the white & the nude... thus i was abit weaving in/out between these 2 colors..;) now i feel better...
  13. Am i so glad to share it with you gals!!! Glad you can figure out what i was trying to say... haha, as its really hard to explain in words (polishing my english at the same time) :roflmfao: we can all enjoy our bows....:graucho:
  14. Wow! It is so PRETTY! The leather looks very smooth and soft. And you carried it so well. Thank you for the tips of shorten the strap.
  15. Hi gals.. just wondering, did i make the rite choice in choosing this color? I must be getting crazy here... judging from the few comments i received for this thread...