My boutique ...

  1. Hai! I'm Leslie from Antwerp (Belgium) and I'm so glad I found this forum! Finally more designer-addicts like me:nuts: !
    Here are some pics from my collection so far. It's not much but it's a start. Each piece carefully and well considered chosen . You'll see, I need plenty more it-bags! I'm now waiting for the new collection to buy my next tdf bag :yahoo: , I can't wait! Love the adrenaline when entering those stores every time, a smile spontaneously comes up:smile: .




    :heart: with belgian greetings :heart:
  2. great guccis!
  3. Great elegant collection, love Belgium!
  4. pretty bags! thanks for sharing!
  5. love it!
  6. nice gucci bag
  7. lovely collection!
  8. Nice Gucci collection! :nuts:
  9. That white Gucci combo is so yummy!
  10. Very nice Gucci collection! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Nice collection! I just love Antwerp!1 When I lived in Aken we used to travel to Antwerp for shopping and for a good meal. Oh I miss this so much!!
  12. hi, thanks for the reactions! you're all sweet!
    I already have to upgrade my collection. I went to the sales today and I almost fell on my behind when I saw this little jewel on sale (-40% :wlae: )! I just could'nt resist!

  13. Great collection.
  14. Beautiful!! I love the bags and shoes together (esp the shoes!! LOL).
  15. congrats, nice collection