My Bottomless Charm Me Mini is here!

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  1. The results of my experiment are in and it is pure Love!
    I ordered a Charm Me Mini in petrol sheen with a softer base and thinner and shorter handles, and this is my best Charm Me Mini yet!

    I apologize for posting this thread without the requisite snapshots - it's late evening and I have the most horrid indoor lighting. UPS didn't get here until past 7 pm, so I didn't get to take any photos but I just had to share my joy.

    This bag is BEYOND beautiful!

    My thanks to whoever first requested thinner threaded straps - they are so comfortable, and I love how elegant they look! I also find the shorter straps just right for me, though they probably wouldn't fit over a heavy coat (I never have to wear one in these parts). The bag still does have a base, but it is a much softer one so there are no stiff edges, and the bag takes on a softer shape overall but does not look shapeless. And can I just say that I absolutely love petrol! Now I know what all you ladies have been raving about!

    I promise to post pictures tomorrow. I'll try to get comparison shots of this and my other Charm Me Minis (one in black crash just arrived the other day as well after floating around in our postal system for a few weeks). Each one has a different look. This style is truly a chameleon!
  2. This sounds exciting! I'm looking forward for your picures!
  3. Sounds gorgeous and I cannot wait to see the pictures!
  4. So glad to hear that your experiment has proved to be a success. I hope to see many more 'bottomless bags' in future.
  5. Can't wait see your pictures!
  6. Oh you've clinched it for me; I'm definitely getting a pewter Charm Me mini as soon as I finish selling off some stuff! I wonder if there'd be enough interest in a bespoke?

    Can't wait for pics of your Charm Me family!
  7. You keep teasing us with your pictureless descriptions ;)

    I am looking forward to your pics!
  8. Thank you everyone, and I promise pictures as soon as there is light out!

    Jenova, I am so happy with the softer base on this one. I can see it working on every other style with a base. It is really not that soft, in fact it provides more support that a Bal base.
  9. Sounds good to me!
  10. OMG....yet another reveal without pix....this is torturous!!!
  11. This sounds so interesting...can't wait to see!
  12. Sorry for the delay! It's cloudy outside so these are the best I could do.
    Here are some pictures of my CMMini in petrol sheen 1)taken by a window, 2) taken outside 3) the thinner, shorter straps 4) softer base - does not look any different from the original in photos, but unlike the original base, this does not tend to bend/crease. Rather I find that it curves softly - something I am very happy about! 5) profile of the bag when hanging

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    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
    This is how the bag looks when it's set down and there are things inside.

    Next photo is of the petrol sheen CM along side its more senior wine pebbled glossy CM Mini - I think you can see the difference in the strap length here.

    Third is of the 2 beside each other - the wine pebbled glossy is so soft now that it falls into itself. Both bags are exactly the same size

    Family photo of my Charm Me Minis - petrol sheen, wine pebbled glossy, and black crash (I am still waiting to see if the black crash will eventually make an impact on me but it is currently my least favorite)

    Picture of the base of the black crash - the original version. As you can see, there is a crease right along the middle.

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  14. I didn't get a messenger strap this time around, but both the black crash and wine pebbled CMs have it. For those who are looking into this option, I just want to say that my 2 bags have different attachments. I personally prefer the D-ring for aesthetic reasons, but if you intend to wear this bag messenger style for long periods, then the detachable round ring may be a better option.

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  15. gorgeous HNYCM!! Thanks so much for all of the comparision pics.I would love this bag in cream!!