My Bottega Veneta Goodies! Update!

  1. As you all know, I just got back from a wonderful vacation in Spain and Italy. While in Venice I knew I had to visit Bottega Veneta and had to buy myself a bag!

    The store was great. Situated right by the Grand Canal on a side 'street', close to my fabulous Bauer hotel, and a few minute walk from Plazza St Marco, there was one of the Bottega stores. The store itself was not overwhelming huge, but the bags inside will TDF. The store manager helped me, and showed me every bag under the sun. I felt all the exotics which were divine, he was opening more and more drawers showing more and more bags and accessories. I was set on either a Magnolia bag or something in the purple family... you know, a feminine color perfect for spring and summer!

    At first I was pretty much set on the Large Veneta in Magnolia, but then I saw this stunner. The Old Petra color is hard to really know unless you see it in person- not lilac, not brown, but a beautiful mix of the two. The color is stunning, and on my skintone and coloring it was a much better choice than the Magnolia. The Large Veneta is a very fun shape, but I wanted a little more structure, which is why I went with the bag I did.

    May I introduce you to my beautiful new Bottega Veneta Old Petra Gold Hardware beauty!! Granted, I am not exactly sure of the name of the bag, but if I were to name it, I would just name it beautiful! It is sophisticated and fun- just perfect for me!

    After I got my bag, I picked up the two goodies for the BV giveaway, and was done. But just the other day, Vlad and I made our way to BV Bal Harbour and I somehow left with two small goodies. I could not resist the Magnolia Ostrich Pig Key Chain- there is not a lot of ostrich detailing on the one I picked, but that is perfect for me! And then I opted for another small accessory- a coin purse with a key chain! Perfect little accessories!!

    Hope you all enjoy the pics, and I must admit, it is easy to become addicted to these leather goods- simply divine!!!

  2. More pics coming!
  3. [​IMG]




    I think the color is captured pretty well in these pics. The inside is a lush pink suede!
  4. [​IMG]


  5. love the bag! old petra is one of my favourites. and the little accessories are cute too.
  6. Wow! Beautiful bag.It is a stunner.I really love the hardware.Lovely color.Is this bag available in the states?Cute accessories too.
  7. Megs, what a beautiful bag. Congrats! I absolutely agree with you on the Old Petra colour. Ever since the SA showed it to me 2 months ago, I have been lusting after something in it. The colour is so lady-like, feminine and classic all at once. :love: Absolutely divine!

    And when I scrolled down (okay, I admit I couldn't resist taking a peep before reading your entire post) and I saw... the PIG key chain!!! :nuts: Poor DH got a shock from my shrill. Could you tell I am nuts nuts nuts about pigs? To the extent of nick naming myself Ms Piggy in this forum? Ok, I HAVE to have this. Oh Megs, could you tell me more? Is this new? Is it available worldwide? OMG!!! Anyone?
  8. Well there were 3 available at the Bal Harbour BV... in ostrich! SOOO beautiful!!! I can check on price too- just under $200 I believe!

    I think you HAVE to have it!!!

    Not sure if it is worldwide, but I am sure someone can track one down for you!!!!
  9. Oh, and please post action pics in the BV in Action thread. :smile: Heart is still fluttering from seeing the pig keychain. *must have, must have*
  10. :nuts: Absolutely stunning! What beautiful choices you made - I was waiting with great anticipation for the big 'reveal' and you did not disappoint!! :nuts:

    I'm just loving Old Petra lately. And don't you just adore the lilac interior? :love:
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. At this juncture price is not a factor (okay, that came out faster than I could stopped myself typing). Imagine, two of my most favourite items together, Bottega Pig!!! Anyone else has info???
  13. Get yourself the key chain Miss Piggy!! You MUST!!!!!

    The Old Petra paired with the lilac interior is just lush! I was getting complimented at Lv about it! :amuse:

    I'll try to get Vlad to take some in action shots, but I will need to get out of my PJ's for that!
  14. Ok well then you need to just get it! Call your local BV and ask, if not, call Bal Harbour! I have the number ;)
  15. Congratulations on your purchases - wise choices.... and yes, the colour is captured very well in your pics. Love the shape of your bag, sure to be able to fit loads of stuff but then again, I'll minimise as much as possible cos' I'll be afraid of excessive weight distorting the shape/fall of the bag - I just simply love to baby my BVs - LOL !!!