My Botkier Collection .... The Beginning

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  1. A few weeks ago I was purusing the sale table at my local Nordstroms, and came upon a Botkier. It immediately got my attention. The softness of the lamb was amazing. Before I knew it, she was all wrapped up and ready to go home w me.

    Here she is...

    Angie Satchel in Berry

  2. I was so taken with the amazingly soft leather, I went back to Nordies the next weekend and picked up another!

    Aiden Satchel in Black


    I have a feeling this won't be the end of my collection!
  3. Congrats! I love them both! Botkier really does make a great bag.
  4. Congrats, sk, and nice to see you over here too! ;) toni's right, Botkier really knows how to make a great bag, and there are a tonne of little details that make each bag so usable too, e.g. pocket placement and sizes, the long chain key fob. Can't wait to see what you get next! ;)
  5. Congrats on both your bags....I'm especially loving the black Aiden satchel!
  6. Love the bags but I am SO envious of that elusive thing.......SUNSHINE!!!
    And your pool is OPEN! Mine looks so awful covered and we havent seen SUNSHINE in Alabama in WEEKS!!!

    Welcome to the Botkier Addiction! It hit me full force...Since Thanksgiving I have bought THREE!
  7. Thanks everyone!

    I'm lusting over a Venice Hobo currently.....

    This is definitely just the beginning!
  8. ^watch out for the venice hobo, that is the one that started my botkier spree
  9. Congrats on the bag! I saw the same bag at my Nordies and thought about it all weekend and decided to get it! But when I called back they said they didn't have it. I didn't take down any of the info though, do you have it by chance? Like style #?
  10. gorgeous!! congrats!!!
  11. i love the berry color.. i was spying on a berry bianca on the nordies website and when it finally went on sale it disappeared the next day when i was going to buy it :crybaby:
  12. Congrats! The leather looks so soft and smooshy!

    I just realized that I don't own any LEATHER botkier bags - just nylon and snakeskin. Geez, what am I thinking? ;) Their leather looks so yummy too.
  13. Congrats on your lovely bags! Great colors too!
  14. Congratulations! They are beautiful bags! I have yet to see a botkier at the local nordies by me!
  15. gorgeous berry color and nice chains! great beginning :smile:
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