My Boss Tried To Scam Me!!!

  1. I'm not sure where to post this.
    I just read a thread about someone's boss carrying a fake bag and it reminded me of what my boss tried to pull on me last month. My boss knows my love of handbags and she tried to pull a fast one.:tdown:
    She came over to my cube and asked me if I wanted to buy her LV because she has sooo sooo many bags.
    Now I'm not an LV expert but the minute she pulled that bag out of it's dust bag I knew something was up.
    She placed it on my desk and said she'd be back....she wanted $500 for it.
    I was insulted!!! lol.
    It was real leather and the pattern was perfectly aligned- it was a very good FAKE however the closer I looked at it, the more I was sure that it was a counterfeit. The hardware was chipping, and the zipper was sticking, and the side pockets were sticking together and peeling!!! It was clearly coated. My boss said it was sticking because she left it out in the sun.
    I took the purse down across my building to my buddy's cube for confirmation and the second I walked up to his cube he stuck his hand out and said, "Oh no girl friend! What is that thing?? no no no!"
    He confirmed it was a fake.
    I called my boss on it and she got really mad at me.:wtf:
    Really mad....She angrily said, "It is not fake and I'll just sell it on eBay!" Then she stormed away.
    She's gotten over it since and just a week or so ago she came back from Vietnamn and tried to sell me another fake bag! A really bad Chanel bag with hideous stitching. I declined...
    She's to much!!!:cursing:
  2. Omg! That is horrible!!

    I really don't know what to say as I've never been in this situation where someone tried to sell me a fake. However, an 'aunt' of mine (aunt by marriage, so I am OK to not like her haha) tried to flaunt her fake Coach in front of me because I'm the most 'fashion forward' girl in my family. Let's just say it was really uncomfortable!
  3. ugh, thats rediculous!!!!! Next time she tries that, tell her you know that theyre obviously fakes and shes being very unprofessional!
  4. Maybe you could turn her into the cops anonymously?
  5. I think your company needs to have rules against that type of stuff anyway. I mean coworker to coworker, fine, but boss to coworker is COMPLETELY inappropriate! I would be insulted too, but the next time she even comes your way with that BS just tell her you're not interested PERIOD. THere is no need to mention you know her game.
  6. What a B**ch.... WHy would she do that ...... Thats so horrible...
  7. Seriously, your boss should not be trying to sell you stuff at your work!! (or anywhere else) That is really unprofessional.
  8. :wtf: That's incredible. The nerve of that woman!
  9. wow! can she not find someone else to push her unwanted bags off on? That is ridiculous!
  10. That is so SO unprofessional. Perhaps you can talk to Human Resources about this? To peddle goods on company time and in her position is already bad enough. To do so with ILLEGAL fake goods is just beyond bad!
  11. ITA, She shouldnt be allowed to sell anything, nevermind fake bags. What an idiot she is.
  12. Yeah.
    She's pretty up high in the hierachy here at work so I don't even want to bother reporting her to HR.
    Last thing I need is more drama in my life.
    I just secretly roll my eyes when she starts up then I run over to other co-workers's cubes to giggle about her.
  13. It was inappropriate of her to try to sell you anything at work. Weird.
  14. I eould do this. =P

    She obiously doesent take a hint.
  15. To be honest, I wouldn't get in a sweat over it...just decline and move on.