My boss just stepped over to Looney-Land

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  1. The man is staying in a hotel in Paris. He just rang me - in Bruges (which fiy is nowhere near Paris) - to extend his stay in the very hotel he is at right now, by one night. Clearly going down to the desk or picking up his room phone is beneath him.
  2. huh?
  3. Reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada :lol:
  4. Sounds like a real big shot. A very important VIP-type big shot...

    NOT! :noggin:
  5. Hmm... I cannot imagine the situation that he finds himself in. I think it takes more effort to order you around...
  6. Ah but this is a man who takes great delight in ordering people around! Fresh sushi at 3am, get it for me. A brand new juicer on New Year's day, find me one.

    The sushi is not simply dialling out, since we have our own Japanese restaurant connected to the hotel, it means waking up the chef and getting him here, because fresh means fresh.
  7. who is your boss? Elizabeth Taylor?
  8. wow...he is a bit :blah::blah::blah::blah:
  9. The man owns two hotels, one here and one in Moscow. He is certainly not what anyone would describe as 'rich', at the most he's comfortably well off. However, he's cultivated the image that he will fire someone on the spot for 'non-compliance' so everyone jumps on command.
  10. My old boss in PR was like that. I swear "The Devil Wears Prada" was like my life on a movie. I think anyone who worked in the fashion/pr industry feels the same way. My boss used to call me from from Tunisia like every 20 minutes because she was bored. And then asked me to extend her trip and move her ticket date as well.

    I remembered I had to not only go to pick up dry cleaning but had to visit the butcher shop!!!! :Push:
  11. Sounds like something my DH would do. A long drawn out email to me explaining all the info that he knows minus essentials like account numbers so of course I have go back and ask him. If he would have done it, done in like a 1-2 minute call. I usually just shake my head.
  12. i wish i had an assistant or someone to boss around...

    "bring me bon bons"
    "change the channel on the tv"
    "i could use a sparkling water you know"

    aww what a life that would be :P

  13. OMG!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Sorry it sucks to work for someones so dependent and used to have everyone do everything for him. :nogood:

    That is something my boss would do. In fact, that is something he has done. I am so glad I am not his right hand by any means and I dont have to deal with him, so much.
  14. Can you turn your phone off? Would you get fired? I assume so :s

    My co-worker, the one that has to deal with boss turns her phone off sometimes because he is too needy.
  15. Maybe he didn't know the number to his hotel, since you said he was out and about.