My boss is Out of her Mind!

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  1. does she have a favorite show? I bought my MIL the Grey's Anatomy Season Two and she loved it.

    Those whole Season dvd's come with all kinds of behind the scenes extras....

    Personally I love orchids...something like that would be really nice

    or a really nice picture frame?
  2. I am someone's boss & I would not want them spending $ on me. A nice box of Godiva chocolates would be OK> nothing personal, no jewelry, etc.
    We give our employees a Christmas bonus but feel its inappropriate for them to give us something expensive or personal.
  3. Choccys are always a welcomed gift no? :yes:
  4. I just had a major "Six Degrees of Separation" flashback when I read that. :P
  5. Where I used to work we'd usually just get the boss some nice flowers or something. The other place I worked I don't think anyone gave the bosses anything, although they did give everyone working there pretty nice gifts. But this was a big company and you didn't really have much of a relationship with your boss, the other place was smaller and with more room for chit chat. Either way, I don't think you should feel obliged to give your boss anything other than a little something to say 'Happy holidays'. If she gives you something it's to thank you for being a valuable asset to the company, so it's okay if it's something nicer than what you give her.
  6. Unless you know she's crazy about something (ie a special candy, where you could get a pretty glass bowl and fill it) I would vote for chocolates, too-you work for her, you haven't been there that long, it's the thought that counts-maybe a great Xmas stocking w/chocolate? Anything more IMO is inappropriate at this point in your working relationship-Happy Holidays!
  7. As almost everyone has said, chocolates are a good idea. But if you wish to give your boss something else (and not have to spend too much), you can find awesome soaps on ... yes ... Etsy! :smile: You could always put together a little basket containing soaps from different sellers.


    Etsy :: Holiday Gift Box - Glycerin Soap

    Here you have a gift box that's also the gift! This is one of our holiday soaps shaped into a Christmas package that is actually made out of soap, but wait! Open it up and there is a little surprise inside, another little soap present :smile:


    Etsy :: Pinku Soaps Boxed Gift Set-Pink Sugar, Pink Grapefruit, and Pink Lemonade

    Etsy :: Floap TM - Rice Flower - vegan
    Floap - soap that floats!

    Etsy :: Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Glycerine Soap


    PS I've just ordered a golf ball soap as a present for my great boss
  8. I agree excellent advice:yes:
  9. I always learned that it was inappropriate to spend much $ on a boss. Chip in with your coworkers for flowers or a nice box of chocolates or maybe bake something. That's the protocol I've always learned. I think spending a lot can create an awkward situation.