My boss is Out of her Mind!

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  1. So, my boss is addicted to shopping. She just bought herself a new Chanel bag, Gucci wallet, and a whole mess of shoes, boots and clothes -- all in the last month. This woman does not deny herself anything!

    I love her to death, but I have NO idea what to get her for Christmas!?

    We've only been working together 5 months and I know for a fact she is earning a little more than 3 times my salary (gasp!!!) Plus, i'm thinking about moving out of the city -- and leaving the job -- in the next 6 months.

    What's the protocol here? Do i have to spend $$$ on a spa certificate or can I get away with really good box of chocolates?

    BTW - I have a feeling she's getting me something wonderful, along the lines of a pricey designer bag.

  2. ^Wish I had that problem!!LOL!I think if you gave her a nice gals day out..Package up a basket with champagne and chocolates..along with a spa GC..that would be perfect!
  3. Just my opinion, but I don't think it is appropriate to spend major money on a gift for your boss - it can be interpreted as kissing up to her. I think something small just to say "Happy Holidays", like a nice box of chocolates or bottle of wine, is a nice gesture that is more appropriate.

    I don't think you should feel obligated to spend as much on your boss as she spends on you. For one thing, she makes more than you and more importantly, the point of your boss giving you a gift is to thank you for a job well done all year.
  4. A small box of godiva chocs is fine.
  5. I like the suggestion of a nice box of chocolates, bottle of wine, and maybe some nice cheese in a basket.
  6. I agree you shouldn't have to compete with your boss when it comes to buying each other gifts. If she wants to get you something expensive then thats great, (especially for you!!! :smile: ) But you shouldn't feel like you have to go out of your means to please her and to get her something equally as big. A box of chocolates is a perfect token to say Happy Christmas, and most people I know would be perfectly happy with that, after all it's the thought that counts.
  7. Lucky you!! :nuts: I'd say even though she is getting your a pricey xmas gift, you shouldn't go too far beyond your own means (just bc she's rich doesn't mean you are!!!) I'm sure she understands that sentiment, so buying something that is thoughtful is all that is needed!!!

  8. I completely agree. Excellent advice!
  9. ^^ I second that
  10. Echoing everyone else here...don't feel obligated to get her something huge! Maybe something small and thoughtful with a nice card.
  11. i would say accessories brands, she obvisoult love branded items, maybe you can buy her earrings or necklaces?
  12. Something small is ample. You do not need to do much- you are her co-worker, not her best friend! :yes:
  13. Jam is always a good gift.
  14. Thanks for all the great advice.

    It's not even that the spa gift certificate costs so much. I've just been spending like crazy the past month with all of these discounts at Saks, Shopbop and ******. Plus all the Friends and Family coupons at Sephora and Kiehls -- Oye!

    But, you are all correct -- i don't want to kiss ass or be her best friend. But, i do want to show her that I do adore her for all of her kindness and being a pretty cool boss.
  15. I agree too! Anything thoughtful, with a nice card will be fine.