My boss is awful, but my SO is so sweet...

  1. I have a p/t job that I have for about 15 hours a week. Things seem to have gone fine, and I was not making any mistakes. The business I was working for is wedding related, so they definitely have their peak/off peak seasons. When my boss offered me the p/t position, it was to my understanding that it was a long-term p/t. However, yesterday... I received a phone call from my coworker after I had gotten off of work. She told me that my boss wanted her to tell me that I do not have to come in starting this coming Monday, and they will call me when business picks up again.

    I was quite furious. :hysteric: First of all, he did not even have the courtesy to call me and tell me "himself". Second of all, he's been in business for 10 years, he KNOWS when the off peak season is. It's not like the business just slowed down for no reason.

    Anyhow...before I knew that I received the call, I had actually placed and order for a Damier Speedy 30 (My mom took my last one:p). After receiving the call...I attempted to retract the order online, but it was shipped already. I called my fiance telling him what happened...and he said to keep the bag, he will pay for it. :yahoo: What can I say...that cheered me up right away, and now, I'm happy to move on and find another job~!:tup:
  2. what a nice fiance. The boss should have called you himself to tell you, not have another worker tell you.
  3. Your fiance sounds like a great guy!
  4. That is awesome what your fiance did, BUT that is so rotten what they did to you at the office. I really hope you do go find something else. It amazes me how some bosses treat their employees. Keep your chin up; things happen for a reason and I bet there is something excellent waiting for you behind the next corner ( addition to your new Speedy!!!).
  5. Thanks guys... he really was quite unbelievable. I actually helped him out when his full-time person left, and there was no one there to manage his office (there are only two employees in the office, full-time and me). I pulled in extra hours and was exhausted since I have a private teaching studio. This is how he repays me the second a new full-time employee is back in the picture.

  6. Well.... I hope you can find something where everyone KNOWS they are so lucky to have you! He will miss you, and then maybe he will kick himself for being such a poop!

  7. haha...I know!

    Now...I just can't wait till I get some more income to fund the obsession that brought me here in the first place.... :p
  8. How nice of your fiance to tell you to keep the bag. I agree with the other posts, your boss should have called you, obviously it was completely wrong having a co-worker do it! Give him a week or two and he'll miss the great job you did, but by then you'll have a new/better job. No matter what, you have a wonderful fiance and a new handbag to boot!
  9. what a supportive fiancee!
    and what a terrible boss - shame on him!
    good luck on your job search!