My Boss Has No Clue

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  1. First of all my boss (it is just her & I in the office) has no idea about my purse collection/addiction. I hide my purses under my desk or under a sweat-shirt. She knows I have one Gucci and a lot of Coach purses but she has not clue about all my other Gucci's or LV's.

    My boss only carries fake bags (I know YUCK :tdown:) so her mother's birthday is coming up and a bunch of people all put money into buying one big gift. They have about $900 total. She said that her mother has never had a really nice purse (she also carries only fakes)

    So she asked me if Nordstrom's was still having their sale. I said yes, but when I went there I did not see anything I really liked. She says to me.... WELL WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW IT IS NOT LIKE YOU COULD SPEND $900 ON A BAG OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT GOOD PURSES!!!! This is coming from someone who only carries fakes and thinks no one can tell the difference. I thought it was so funny that she would say that to me. I guess I can't really blame her since I do hide my purses while at work. Since we have had many conversations about real Vs. fake purses and no matter what I say she thinks buying real is a waste of money.
  2. After that remark, I think I would have to start showing off my collection. I wouldn't have been able to walk away from that with out rattling off all the bags in my collection!
  3. Wow! What a rude remark! Definitely go with sparkyjt's suggestion and start carrying your bags! No more hiding under a sweatshirt!
  4. A lot of rude fake handbag toting bosses out there huh? Unbelievable how rude some of these people are.
  5. I agree flaunt those bags in her face! Make some remarks about people who carry fake bags HAHA! I would do that, I don't care who they are.. a boss, a parent, the pope hahaha
  6. LOL!!! Flaunt your handbags!! To show her that she's the boss and she's carrying fakes?! Geez....
  7. haha~~ your boss is sooooooooooooo funny!

    Show off those LV's - they're like your 'lil army now you KWIM?
  8. DONT FLAUNT !!!!!!!!! ***** BOSS are always the same, they stop givin you great bonusess after they find out !!!

    That kind of remarks, is definitely rude, tacky, and intolerable.

    I think u better say things like, well, one gucci that you saw the other day, it cost quite fortune, thanks to my DH/BF/Fiance !!!!!!!!! (Dont mention you buy it with your own salary, hehehe)
  9. hahahaha Ironic isn't it?
    Is your boss clueless or what?

    But anyway I agree with being subtle - she is your boss and it is best not to do anything that would affect you (like I mean if you flaunt your bags and she gives you looks or stares or more rude remarks then that's not something u would want).

    Her time of embarrasement will come eventually! Trust me and you will be there front and centre to see it :yes:
  10., why did she even bother to ask you about Nordstrom's sale, anyway? Couldn't she find that out for herself by phoning the store instead of asking you? She obviously opened the door to that rude conversation. You don't have to flaunt anything. Just wear what you have and don't acknowledge her anymore about handbags. She eventually will get the message herself.
  11. Start putting those beauties ON your desk!
  12. I have to agree with cutie blueberry and tenmosquito. There are some bosses (like mine) who have preconceived notions about their subordinates (how they should look and what they should own). In this situation, I'd just let it go and let karma do it's work!! :yes:
  13. Wow, It must be awful with a boss like that. I wouldn't flaunt anything around her though, she might get jealous and make your working environment even more unpleasant.
  14. I disagree that you should hide your handbags. Then, you are letting her rule you. You are mistress of yourself!
    Enjoy your handbags and don't hide them. She'll think they are fakes anyway! Never belittle yourself in front of other people. Empower yourself.
    Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
  15. Don't flaunt. I would've said something like, thanks to my bf/dh, I do get to look at these bags, since he buys me one occasionally. Making it clear that it's no thanks to her.