My boss gave a good friend...

  1. My boss gave a very good friend of mine and ex-coworker (she moved on to another job) a $500 gift card for her birthday. I don't care because he has a lot of money anyway. He has a girlfriend in CA and is rarely around because he travels a lot. I also know they are good friends, (movies, dinner, etc).

    I have chosen not to have a friendship with him because I want to keep it professional and we have a great working relationship. If this happened to someone you worked with, how would you feel? :confused1:
  2. Ooo, tough question.

    I think I would feel slighted and a little upset probably.

    But after some time and a cocktail or two, I'd try and focus on my choice in the matter: to remain professional is a worthy goal. Taking the high road can often by frustrating in the short run, but in the long run it's to your personal advantage.
  3. I wouldn't really care, but I think bosses need to be careful about being too friendly with employees. (Not like THAT! I meant that there should be a "boss/employee" relationship, and they just need to watch out for the "best friends" relationship.)
  4. I am assuming she told you about the gift? Normally I would think they were having an affair but she doesn't appear to be ashamed of the gift so I guess he was just being generous!?!

    Personally, it wouldn't bother me because they have more of a personal relationship. I think you are smarter keeping biz and personal seperate.
  5. I may be really thick headed, but is this bothering you because you did not get that for your birthday? Or is it just a weird practice in your opinion?
  6. Maybe I am reading between the lines too much, but are you thinking that maybe your co-worker's relationship with the boss might have a bit of personal overlap (pun not really intended but embraced nevertheless) :smile:

    If so, congratulate yourself on your wise decision to keep your own relationship with the boss strictly business, thus avoiding possible expectations that might be Inspired by expensive gifts.
  7. Good question, Megs, I'm glad you're back! No, I do not expect anything from him for my birthday (other than his signature on the B-card). She's a wonderful friend who asked me not to say anything to anyone at work. I understand why and will absolutely respect her wishes.

    I was just wondering how others might react, because it seems so inappropriate to me! $500! I mean, $50, I can understand...but $500 is a lot a money. Is this even right when it comes to HR practices? Although she does not work with us anymore, just comes to visit, and hangs out with some of us...
  8. She no longer works for the company, so this is a personal matter, not a professional one. If she is wise, perhaps, she won't tell too many other people.
  9. If she doesn't work there anymore, then they're just friends, and maybe he's in the practice of dishing out expensive gifts to friends. If not...well that's her shady business.
  10. ^^ita
  11. i don't think that i would accept such an extravagant cash type gift from a casual male friend. i would feel equally bad about that amount of cash type item from anybody other than family.

    i have to wonder why she would want to tell you about it and ask you to keep it a secret. i think since you posted about it that you would have been happier had she kept it to herself.
  12. IMO it's inappropriate. I don't care how rich he is, a gift that size for one employee is not a good idea. If everything is on the up-and-up, the ethical thing would've been for her to refuse that size gift. In any case, what's her motive for telling you? sorry if I'm suspicious.
  13. Not really for you to's clear the relationship between the 2 of them is different than your relationship with him, so what they do is betwen them.