MY Boss called me a Ni%%a!!

  1. My boss walked in to the work place and said "what up Ni%%a!!:cursing: I was so shocked and pissed off... well this happened around three weeks ago... so once again he had another Ni%%a rant, but this time with another employee but he was repeating a line from a movie. So now he's in hot water but now to top it off it repeats what he said to another young lady even after we complained to him about it.:confused1:

    So now I cant get it out my head and I dont know what to do.

    People had told me to tell coporate headquarters others told me to go see a lawyer, ladies/ gents please help me.

    The store I work at is a really big corporation so now what?:confused1:

    Everyone in the store knows he have said it and even heard him.....

    Im not even sure if I could even go to a lawyer when it happened like three weeks ago, is it to late?

    I am a African American and hes caucasian/ jewish guy, not that it even matters he just wrong...
  2. is it to late to talk to a lawyer and how do I go about it?
  3. Definitely talk to his bosses, he shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. I wouldn't sue him though, I think people tend be use that as an answer much too often.
  4. WHA?! This feels like an episode of "The Office" :wtf:

    As an HR professional, I can tell you that this kind of thing should not be tolerated or swept under the rug. Even if he was "just joking" or "didn't mean anything by it", it's still wrong and unacceptable. I encourage you to speak up to your manager, or to HR, or to your company's concern line. It's never "too late", and it helps that there were others who heard him say it. You've already tried speaking with him to no avail, that will be important to discuss as it demonstrates a pattern of poor judgment on his part. Good luck...I hope for the sake of everyone in your workplace that this stops.
  5. I suggest you bring it up with your management and HR first before approaching an attorney. If you seek legal assistance on your part without first having gone through the proper channels to report it, there isn't much of a case there. If you DO go through the proper channels and nothing is done, that's another story.
  6. That show popped into my mind as I was reading that also.
  7. Oh, man... in this day and age? UNREAL!!

    If you want money, sure get a lawyer. But in my honest opinion your best bet is get this little moron fired. Heck, do both!!

    Either way, I wouldn't let it go. Sounds like he's a kid who needs his mouth reined in properly. Get em!
  8. What he did was very unprofessional and totally uncalled for even if he was kidding. DH works for a big company and his advice is to contact corporate to show proof that you atented to have this problem fix if you decide to take it to court, wich we think you should do since you already told your boss to stop calling names and he continues to do so (in case corporate does NOT do anything). Court should be your last resort but having proof will help you greatly.
  9. Had this happened to me I would probably go to the company's HR department and file a formal complaint. Good luck!
  10. so should I write a letter, then quit cause hes already giving me a hard time
  11. and I doubt they fire him since hes so loved and hes been turning the company stores around
  12. Your boss has issues for sure! That is very tasteless and unprofessional not to mention insensitive behavior that is not appropriate in the work place! I think that the best way to go about it is to see someone within the company and report it.
  13. would they fire me?

  14. oh boy, you better hope they do because that will guarantee that you'd be owning of few of those stores very soon.:devil:

    Seriously, I doubt you would get fired for complaining....good luck!
  15. I dont know what to do because hes been jumping down my throat lately like pulling me to the side saying I call out to much when im sick, he says i dont work hard enough, I dont give 100% he said I can go and dont come back hes also threatened the othe kid about him leaving. I really dont like to step on other people toes but he sure is doing it to everyone else,