my bordeaux twiggy!

  1. finally! i've been owing you guys these pictures for years now! :biggrin:

    presenting my bordeaux twiggy!

    in some lights it looks redder and more burgundy, and others plummier.

    i'll be going out to nyc this week so hopefully i'll get a chance to stop in at balNY to check out the grenat. i'm pretty sure i like bordeaux more though. ;)
    bordeaux1.jpg bordeaux2.jpg bordeauxside.jpg
  2. It looks beautiful, Jennifer! :heart: :heart: Congrats!!!
    Looking forward to your report comparing this to the grenat (though from what I heard the 2 colors are very, very close!)
  3. Congratulations, jennifer!!! It's beautiful!!! I love the color in the Twiggy style!!! :heart:
  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag! I have always wanted a bordeaux but have kind of been waiting to see the grenat before making a final decision. I can't wait to hear your comparison--
  5. Gorgeous bag and gorgeous leather!!!
  6. hey *jennifer* 0o0o0o she's pretty! congrats!!!
  7. thank you, all!
    i'm still debating which b-bag to sell first (i still can't decide), but my bf said to definitely keep this one! it's his favorite! lol :lol:
  8. My bordeaux b-bag will be the one that I will never part with! Congrats! It is a great bag.
  9. awe, jennifer, you've gotta keep the bordeaux, it's my fave!!!
  10. aaallabama, don't worry! she is probably the one i will be keeping. bf votes to sell off all the rest except this one! i told him, 'what? are you crazy? lol'
  11. Oh Jennifer, it's just beautiful and I love the Twiggy!

    I wish you well,

  12. congrats! i am glad you love it. i was really tempted to get this one as i think the color and leather are awesome but as i am not a twiggy fan, i had to pass. you should most definitely keep it!
  13. lovely leather on your bordeaux...congrats! i had a bordeaux twiggy once but sold had thin, very distressed leather. i love the color but wasn't too crazy about the leather ~ i'm getting a grenat city to replace :graucho: please do report on the similiarities btw bordeaux vs grenat :flowers:
  14. Very nice!! Congrats and enjoy! :yes:
  15. I love the color!! Congrats Jennifer!!