My Bordeaux Speedy (still in car!)

  1. Well, I went on Sat. to Holts at Yorkdale and they said they had 3 Speedys in the basement and none of them were spoken for. The SA was shocked that I even knew about the Mirage line because she said this was the first she had heard of it :confused1: Anyway, she put one away for me after I played with it and I picked it up today. :yahoo: I do :heart: it. But I can't post pics tonight becuase it is still in my car, waiting for the best time to bring it in to the house.:sad:
    It really is a beautiful bag and I am very happy I decided in the end to get it after seeing the pics here.

    :banned: for sure till spring now.
  2. Congrats!! I guess this is a cue for Canadians to call them ASAP!! (That's if they're still there...)
  3. Congrats!
  4. CONGRATS!!! I cant wait to see pics, cant get enough of this beauty!
  5. Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dyin To See It!
  6. Woo hoo congrats!! Yeah I usually go there too and the SA's aren't as knowledgable as us tpf'ers ;) Last week I told her about the Neverfull Damier, and the SA said "no, they'll never come out with the Neverfull in damier - it would never suit that style"...with her nose in the air as she spoke - I just laughed!! LOL!!!!
  7. congrats sarah!! cant wait to see your pics.
  8. hehe btw, I leave my purchases in the car too and wait till everyone's
  9. Congratulations!!! I love this Speedy!!! Get it out of the car ASAP! You have to satisfy our cravings for pics! LOL
  10. Congrats!!!! I didn't get to see the bordeaux IRL, but I just bought the black...LOVE this line!!
  11. They really aren't very knowledgable there. Last week I asked about the Mirage speedy and she said not till Nov. I knew that couldn't be right. So I went back this week. They often don't know the names of their bags. But it is a really busy store. On a Saturday P.M. it is packed!
  12. congrats!
  13. I wonder how many of us leave things in our cars until it's "safe" LOL?
    Can't wait to see your pics!
  14. :lol: Probably a good percentage of tPFers wait it out.... LOL! :nuts: I've done this in the past!

  15. ^^^
    Are you hiding it from DH? lol....